THQ Studios bankruptcy auction results.

THQ Studios, owner of franchises such as Darksiders, Saints Row, Metro, Company of Heroes and more had their IP/Studio auction today.

Sega bought Relic (Company of Heroes)
UbiSoft bought the South Park game in development and the THQ Montreal studio
Koch Media (aka Deep Silver, makers of Dead Island & Risen) bought Volition (Saints Row) and Metro
Crytek bought Homefront
Take-Two bought the “Evolve” game in development
No one bought Vigil (Darksiders) and the studio will go defunct if THQ can’t find a buyer soon.

According to one source (sorry, don’t have the primary source):

I’m sure most of you would be interested in this topic own most of the THQ games you’d want (and/or bought the THQ Humble Bundle) but Tony the PC Digital Sales rep for Amazon said on another forum:

That sucks, I’ve been a THQ fan since the wrestling games that they did with AKI back on the N64, and Saints Row they were all great. Well maybe not part 3, but lets hope the new studio does a reboot and brings the series back to it’s roots. It just bought a bankrupted goldmine IMO.

Why the hell was this never done for Accolade? I would have fucking personally bought the rights to Star Control myself if it meant the original creators could make a sequel

Nooooo! Obsidian’s doing the South Park game and now they’ll be under the thumb of Ubisoft (pioneer of the always-internet-connected DRM for single player games)! Boooo-urns.

Does this mean no Darksiders 3? I’m enjoying Darksiders 2 a ton and liked the first one as well.

I’m guessing no. Unless some company now decides to throw out an offer for it, knowing it’d be cheap.

From what I understand, the head of Vigil just left a day or two ago to work for Activision so I’m guessing that devalued the studio a bit.

I bought the Humble Bundle, but haven’t actually gotten around to playing any of the games yet. I’ve activated them all on Steam, but haven’t downloaded them. Should I be downloading them to be on the safe side?

Nah, if you own them on Steam, you’re fine. Even just owning the unactivated keys would be sufficient since Steam already recognizes them as “this activates Saints Row”.

As I mentioned in another thread, I’m loving Sega’s strategy here.

Running from the Japanese market into the arms of the PC community. Now with three, and possibly 4 (warhammer) PC exclusive franchises, including three of the best strategy titles out there… smart.

I’ve seen people suggesting (read: guesses) that the South Park game was close enough to release and has pre-orders out that it’s likely to stay a Steamworks title rather than go under Uplay. Just speculation though.

Don’t really care about any of other THQ games, but happens to the WH40K license? Was there any more development going on under that? Did anyone buy it, or is it in limbo?

Apparently Homeworld is up for grabs in some sort of “other ip’s bucket”, due for sale at some later point in time.

Already there are a few people trying to get their hands on the IP.

Well, I was worried EA would get relic/COH2 and ruin it, so this definitely isn’t the worst case scenario. Really, there aren’t many non-evil publishers left, so this is probably the best case scenario. I just hope they leave Relic intact and let them do their own thing rather than try to reorganize anything near the release of COH2.

The Dawn of War games, as well as Space Marine, were made by Relic, which has been bought by SEGA. SEGA also happens to own the Creative Assembly, which is currently set to make a Total War game based on Warhammer Fantasy. I’m thinking they’ve got that particular license good and sewn up.

I’m surprised no-one’s expressed concern over the Saint’s Row franchise - I was really looking forward to Saints Row The Fourth.

Deep Silver looks pretty hands off for a publisher, as far as I can tell. Risen was pretty much Gothic 4 in everything but name and the X3 developers seem to be doing their own thing no matter what the market says, so I’d be a bit surprised if they don’t just let Volition keep doing whatever they were working on.

I hope so. I’d just never heard of the entity which had acquired Volition. explains what went wrong at THQ

Would love to play a kinect version of Homeworld

Crytek (Crysis, Far Cry 1, working on Homefront 2) has hired most of the Vigil core staff and formed a new development house, Crytek USA Corp, with them. That doesn’t include the Darksiders IP but at least the team is (mainly) remaining together and employed. The Darksiders IP will still be sold off with other lesser odds and ends IPs.