Thread Chains

There appear to be a goodly number of us who prefer not to hijack threads with spinoff comments, but prefer instead to start a new thread and perhaps link to the one where we were tempted to post a hijacking comment.

It made me wonder if there may be some situations, perhaps extending over a span of time involving weeks or more, where a new thread alluding to or quoting another thread gets alluded to in another thread and this process extends long enough for somebody to spin off of one with a topic almost identical to the original link in the chain.

I know I have participated in at least the third link in such a thing, but I’d have to go looking for the specifics.

Can you think of a good example of such a thing?

Here’s a hypothetical example:

  1. Doper A starts a thread on Board Games
  2. Doper B starts a thread on Monolpoly, linking to Thread 1 as a background point
  3. Doper C starts yet another thread on Atlantic City with a comment about how Thread 2 made her/him think of the place
  4. Doper D starts a thread on Susan Sarandon being in a movie with the title Atlantic City because Thread 3 made her think of Susan
  5. Doper E starts a thread on Board Games with a link to Thread 4 and an explanation that Susan Sarandon would look good as The Queen in a live-action chess game.