Thread ID

Where do I find the thread and post #s for linking?

In the address bar of your browser.

thank you.

For a single post just right click on the post number (the number in the upper right corner of the post next to the “report this post” icon) and select "copy short cut " on the options list. Then right click where you want to insert the link and select “paste”.

And to show a post in the context of the thread, replace showpost in the URL with showthread.


Frank, that’s interesting. But when I try it, the thread is positioned so the top of the post desired is just visible at the bottom of the screen. You really need that “#postxxxxx” at the end of the URL for proper positioning.

Maybe just using the “post” tag is easier. It generates that automatically.

I just click on the little gray “post number” in the upper right. New window pops up with the post in it. Copy that URL from browser bar and drop it into my post.


Like this.