Threads Getting Cut Off

I’ve been noticing in a lot of threads, at least a half dozen or so, I can’t get them to fully load, with a post about halfway through the thread getting cut off and “vbmenu_register(“postmenu_9174145”, true);” being displayed by a username. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m able to finish reading the thread by hitting “post reply” and scrolling down but it’s getting old pretty fast.

For reference, the threads I can remember it happening to me are the **Diogenes **Teleplay thread in the Pit, the Dancing With the Stars thread in CS, and the thread about the banner ads in the Pit.

vbmenu_register(“postmenu_9174145”, true);

That’s definitely an error. It should be saying, "To continue reading this thread, please PayPal $0.50 to . . .

Very funny, Frank.

I’ll alert Jerry to this problem, something obviously is not right.

It goes without saying if anyone else sees this please let us know – and please send me email with the thread url where you saw this – I have not seen this yet but would like to be able to reproduce the error so it can be found.

“To continue reading this thread, please click the Flash banner with the loud music and the screaming polar bear, and sign up for the free test drive of an SUV.”

It’s still happening. Any progress?

I’ve never seen a thread get cut o

Aesiron, please give me a link to a page where you’re having this message/seeing this problem and I’ll refer this up the line.

Ludovic, you so funny.

I’ve had it happen on another board, but never yet here.

As a workaround, when it bites you can read the thread by reducing the number of posts per page to below the post number where you got cut off. But when it happens to me it’s as irritating as all get-out.

That’s really weird. That’s a JavaScript call that writes the little menu that drops down when you click on a username.

This is written in the code next to everyone’s username:

<script type="text/javascript"> vbmenu_register("postmenu_9220882", true); </script>

Is it always the same number (“9174145”)? It shouldn’t be.

Something is keeping the page from loading script starting with a “random” </script> tag and beyond.

What browser do you use, Aesiron? Does it help if you clear your cache? Does it go away if you refresh?

If you have Firefox, and you go to Tools - Error Console and look a the “Errors” tab, does it show you anything from ?

Have you checked for any spyware recently? Maybe look into Hijack This and see if you have any strange Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) installed.

The cut-off is always right below a username, and that code is always there but I’ve never paid attention to the actual script because I don’t know anything beyond basic HTML.

I use Firefox at home and that is where I’ve always encountered the problem. I just opened a thread that constantly gets cut off when I view it from home and was able to see it fine at work, where I use an older version of IE. Refresh doesn’t help, but a second page opening up does and I’ve not thought to clear my cache or run an extra spyware check, though I do have it run automatically every few days and nothing came up the last time it did so.

Will look into those suggestions when I get home.