Attn: JDavis and Tech Staff

In responding to a Pit thread, I got the white screen that says ‘There appears to have been a slight database error …’ – using my back button and resubmitting my response resulted in an unremarkable posting of my response. (I was using the Quick Reply form, FWIW.)

The reason I bring this to your attention is that we recently had a number of episodes on the Pizza Parlor where submission of a response to a thread resulted in that window – and the consequence is that the thread was “eaten” – missing from the database software’s indexing, and in some cases with contents completely missing.

Since we are both using the same version of vBB, to the best of my knowledge, I figured that a heads-up on the problem was not inappropriate, before threads come up missing here.

Josh over on the other board was able to recover threads by forcing a complete re-indexing through the “back end” – something I’m fairly certain you won’t want to undertake here.

I don’t know if it’s the same error Polycarp is talking about, but I got one of those errors that come up whenever the board has it’s usually downtime, several hours before it usually occurs for me. This was for just one page(also in the pit), though.

Me too, me too!

I have many fail to load erros, but this page was new. It suggested using the refresh, which did nada.

I have passed this on up the pipeline. Not sure what this means, but I have alerted Jerry and etc.

your humble TubaDiva

FWIW, I’ve seen this error message a number of times in the past. Don’t think I’ve seen any threads actually disappear because of it. I always assumed that message had the same cause as many of the others—too many simultaneous demands for resources. Maybe the vBulletin folks have more poop on error messages and their causes on their site.