Threads Most Likely to Be Locked

We’ve done this before-always a crowd pleaser!

Here we go:
101 Ways to Build a Pipe Bomb

How to Avoid tripping the Alarm Systems in Closed Buildings

How Do I frame my neighbor for the murder of my wife?

Black guys and fat white girls

:::ducks and runs:::

How to make Crystal Meth

How to actually go about committing genocide

**Who Is Buried In The Trans-Siberian Pipeline, and Why We Aren’t Supposed To Know About It.

The Truth About Ronald Reagan.

Embezzlement: Your Secret Weapon Against Inflation.

I Was A Teenage Administrator. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hydroponics: Growing Your Own “Herbs” In The Dead Of Winter.

My Sister Dated Cecil Adams In College.**

…and my all-time personal favorite offering in this category…

** The Names And Telephone Numbers of Over 1,500 Of Your Favorite Dopers !** :eek:

Hey (insert city here) Dopers, where can I find the good hookers and coke on my next trip out?

List: Dopers I’d ban if given the chance.

Get your Sock name here!

The Nazis had the right idea, they just went about it all wrong

Dopers that suck ass…and not in a good way

Check out this cool site on how to build your own nuke!

Why Christians are morons

Poll: Which is the better drug for me: LSD or Crack?

Defending Jack Chick.

Download copywrited music and software for free!

Why was [insert unpopular Doper-name here] banned?

I’m a jerk, and damn good at it, too!

JDT is RIGHT about circumcision!
What’s up with my napster not working anymore?
Opal is #3 but smells like #2!
If I WANTED to write a virus…
U guyz R 2 uptite!!!
Question about bank security: RE: inkbombs…
Hydroponix help needed asap
I’m looking for an elusive word that end with “gry”…
Debunk this duck quack echo thing for me
Richard Gere: Gerbil bait?
Check out my new porn site!
A little boy needs your help. Send business cards…

“Where can I download programs that will allow me to pirate songs about circumcized men who build pipe bombs for the sole purpose of blowing up Hillary’s fat ass??”


It’s time for another war on Japan!!

who’s accused of molesting a child…complete with home addresses.

Why do we drive on the parkway and park on the driveway?

50 new frightening hoaxes that you can spread around to everyone in your address book

What is All your base are belong to us?

Why the KKK stands for a united America

Do gays have tiny penii?

GQ: What’s the best way to commit suicide?
Cafe Society: No me gusta la película “Spider-Man”
IMHO: Recommend a good hit man
MPSIMS: I just had sex with our 12-year-old baby-sitter!
The Pit: I’m not a racist or anything, but…

Tug-Ahoy: A Testimonial

I demand to know why ______________got banned.

I’m a butt-licking freak, are you a butt-licking freak?

How to do it right.

torture small pets without getting caught.