Threads Most Likely to Be Locked

  1. I was Anally Gangbanged by (Moderators’ Names Here).
  2. How to Get Rid of $30,000 Worth of Heroin?
  3. NAMBLA Devotees, Post Your Wildest Fantasies Here!
  4. Need Help Ridding My Apartment of Blood Stains & Decomposing Odor
  5. Non-sexual Uses for Semen
  6. I’m So Glad Budd Dwyer Killed Himself on Live TV
  7. Come View Pictures of Torgo’s Rash
  8. Internet Browser History Folders of All the Moderators
  9. KKK Grand Dragons on the SDMB Get-together
  10. Share Your Experiences Stalking the Moderators
  1. Do You Want To Make $1000 A Week From The Privacy Of Your Own Home??

  2. Here’s The Master List Of The Admin’s And Mod’s Real Names And Home Addresses!

  3. How Can I Make A Bomb Out Of Fertilizer? And Do You Need A Driver’s License To Rent A Ryder Truck?

  4. Click These Links For Hot Teenage Sex Kittens!

  1. Is there really infinate life by Alex Chui

  2. Who was Mark Serlin?

  3. Why can’t you park on a parkway or drive on a drive way?

  1. Angry, Hungry and…?

  2. Do my homework!

  3. 607 n e warez D00D??!!1/?

  4. This is my neighbor’s lock. How do I pick it?


  1. I believe [any Doper here] is a troll/homophobe/disciple of JDT.

  2. Link to JDT email.

  3. The truth behind Cecil Adams

  4. How can I get banned quickly?

  1. Full-color photos of stretched anuses!

  2. YOU MUST READ NOW - “Please God I’m Only 17”

  3. And just WHAT was your reason for banning [troll name here]

  4. Great felching pics

  1. I’m hot, horny, and waiting for you.
  2. I saw the light of Jesus. You’re all going to Hell.
  3. Tell your favorite ethnic jokes here!
  4. List your sockpuppets.
  5. u all sukk

Hasn’t this been done before? Oh well, I’m too lazy to bother looking.

  1. MY revenge list, and why it’s better than Nixon’s.
  2. Who’s your favourite porn star?
  3. Here a a bunch of links to sites on the perfectness of Jesus and Christianity.
  4. Why I am better than you.

10 - Creationism and Evolution: 100 Reasons Why Both Are Wrong
9 - Here’s some posts I’m forwarding for some banned members.
8 - How can I hack into the Chicago Reader’s office database?
7 - Everybody post the complete text of their favorite novel.
6 - Hey everyone! I’ve figured out a great way to smuggle drugs past airport security!
5 - Looking for advice on writing computer viruses.
4 - I just found out Bill Clinton is going to run for President again!
3 - Looking for free legal advice on how I can sue the posters who gave me free medical advice last month for malpractice.
2 - What’s the most illegal thing you’ve ever gotten away with and how did you do it?

and the #1 thread most likely to get banned:

Anyone want to buy some pictures of Cecil … naked?

  1. What is the third word in the english language that ends in -gry? (oops, a repeat; sorry, I just finally “got” sublight’s post, on review…)

  2. Does clicking on this link give your computer the Cold Ape virus like it does mine?

  3. More evidence the blacks AND gays helped the jews perpetuate the Houlocaust Hoax!

  4. Is this a police officer setting a trap, or do I have a shot with this 13-yr-old chat room hottie?

  5. But John Rocker was fuckin-A right!

Superb post, Torgo!

[list][li]Will Dubya fall victim to the 20-year curse? A plan for actualization[/li][li]List your hundred favorite Chick tracts[/li][li]Who on the SDMB would you most like to kill?[/li][li]Amish Dopefest in Lancaster County, PA[/li]I’d like to introduce our newest member, concrete2

Um, isn’t there supposed to be a “hi Opal” in here somewhere?
57. Hi opal

I forgot one:

  1. I just photocopied all the StraightDope books! Get 'em here, only $5!
  1. How long does it take to dismember the corpse of a 5’3" woman?
  2. Is sleeping with my sister wrong?
  3. Should I buy $30,000 of herion from Torgo?
  4. Can anyone tell me how to steal cable TV?
  5. Cats and washing machines…

101 uses for Cat Turds
JDT is a Sex Machine
Why Adolf Hitler should be Canonized
Help me Assassinate Cecil Adams
Is it WRONG to be turned on by JDT?

*yes, indeedy, there WAS a thread called Doomed Threads…it’s funny!
-btw, where does the Hi Opal thing come from?

  1. Alex Chiu and JDT team up to create the penis that never dies. Click here

  2. Anyone wanna see a picture of the cat head I found in the woods this morning?

  3. Opal can just go blow me!

  4. Hey everyone, check this out! 1 million pop up windows!

  5. Everything is just fine and dandy in the world today. (posted in the Pit).

  6. Who has paid for sex with a farm animal? Details please!

  7. This thread in about half an hour.

Do rats squeal in pain?

The Straight Dope Massive Cyber Orgy Thread
Who wants to see what I found in the toilet today-pics included
Confessions of a Necrophiliac.
Ya know…cat turds don’t taste half bad!

Um…this one really isn’t too different from every “popularity poll/hug/kiss/which doper would I cyberscrew” thread in MPSIMS and IMHO.

[sub]I should know, I post to all of them[/sub]

I’ve recently come across a new one.

All your base are belong to us!

Any fellow skinhead dopers?
Cool link to snuff films
Where do I get the good dope/weed?
fUck ya al if you cnotinu to ignroe me