Threads that have tempted you...

I’m feeling like a bit of a wiseass right now [sub]as opposed to normal[/sub]. I’m wondering if there is any thread that you’ve been tempted to start that you just know would be a Very Bad Idea [sub]tm[/sub]. And no, this is not an invitation to reply to/start said threads. Here’s mine:

Felonies I have committed
Ask the sexually active lesbian!
The best way to build a bomb
Cheap ways to manufacture LSD
Cyber me, baby
The explicit, uncensored details of my menstrual cycle
10 easy steps to converting someone to the homosexual lifestyle

Anyone else?

well, now I’ll embarrass myself…

What did you find in your nose this morning?
I trained my dog to hump my leg on command
errrr, are you gonna eat that?
Fun with your pitchfork
Guess what I can do with my nipples!!
OK, so I was never tempted to start these threads… I just fixated on the Very Bad Idea ™ and I’m bored and home alone and I’m tired of all the political threads…


Ummm. I wouldn’t half mind knowing the answer to that one…

I was going to start some over the recent chess championship, but I figured everyone had already talked it to death.

I almost started one about that Mitsubishi commercial.

The one where the woman comes out of the restaurant (or bar or Elks Lodge, or whatever), followed by a guy. She stops at the passenger side of a Galant (sp?), looks at her reflection in the car window and starts primping. She looks back at the guy, waiting for her at his car, a POS Plymouth or something, and he’s looks ashamed that he’s driving a car that’s paid for.

Well, obviously this woman has just been picked up in the bar (or Masonic Temple or whatever), cuz she doesn’t even know what kind of car her “date” is driving.

So we’ve got a loose woman, and a guy who thinks his worth as a human being (and as a date) depends on what he drives.

But I didn’t start that thread – there’ve been tons of threads about bad (and good) TV commercials – I didn’t want to get yelled at.

How can i get this out without surgery?
Jesus- He LOVES you.
Strange infections
Inappropriate acid flashbacks
I love Alex Chui

Actually, I think that’s her apartment building. It’s their first (maybe blind?) date.

I just gave into temptation, and did ***the thread that you just know would be a Very Bad Idea™ *.

And it’s here:
** Ed Zotti - if you want some unsolicited advice (and who doesn’t?) **

Sounds bad already :eek:
(I’m shaking and no one has seen it yet )

Female Dopers I want to seduce and make mad, passionate, sensual, soul-shaking, toe-curling, Love to.

I never did, 'cause I figured it would just be taken the wrong way by some, or else cause hurt feelings.

Sigh. I still have my dreams, though…

Aaaaaah, Gunslinger - that’s probably it.

See? Glad I didn’t start that thread.

You should: or I just might.

I feel so bad for that guy in the commercial, I just wanna cuddle him and tell him not to be ashamed. The car he had might not have been a mitsubishi or a honda or a rolls royce or whatever- but it was nice looking, and he seemed like a sweet guy. I’d go out with him. He HAS a car, at least.

That commercial SO didn’t make me wanna buy one of those cars. But then, i’m not really too into cars…or car commercials.

God, I’m reading into this too much I know…but where else could I do that but here?

I think these would be good candidates for sequential threads.

Anthracite, can I use

[quoted from Anthracite]

I’ll accept applications/suggestions for the aforementioned activities as well

I think I did start that one.

Go for it.

Actually, I could use some pointers… I am so tempted to start a “Help me seduce a straight guy!” thread. But then I question the wisdom of disclosing our methods. If the Exodus folks got their hands on this material, they might actually have some success converting people to heterosexuality! And that would be a tragedy.

(…But, ye gods, he’s so hot!)

That wouldn’t weird me out, but then the TMI thread didn’t do that too much . . .

Hunting season’s open now?

Those make one hell of a consecutive thread title sighting.

*Originally posted by iampunha *


Hunting season never ends.

<scurries off to revise her homosexual agenda>