Threads you started: Success vs. Failure

How do you rate your success/failure rate on threads you’ve started?

What’s a good measure of a thread’s “success”?

How do you feel when you have a large number of views with zero or onesy-twosy replies?

Which “current” thread of yours are you most satisfied with, in terms of the “quality” of replies?

What constitutes “current”? Is it three months?

Any way to determine how many (of the 30,000+ registered) are “current” members?

Other issues related to the threads you started?

The OPs I put a lot of thought into, die. 1 to 12 replies or so.
The OPs I rattle off almost as a lark, flourish. Like the Weird Toys thread from last month.

Go figure.
But, most of all, I just like to talk. So, almost any thread has been a success of sorts for me.


That seems to be my pattern as well.

The Far Side/MAD thing went wild. It was almost amazing how that idea was ready.

This thing about predicting the success of something like a new movie (or a sequel to one) or a new product makes me wonder how they do it.

Focus groups, research, finger to the wind.

Wasn’t it Chuck Berry who said, “It all goes to show you never can tell”?

I thought he said, “She must be playing with her own ding-a-ling!”

Well, now, that wasn’t the only thing he said, was it?

There’s “Roll Over Beethoven” and “Johnny B. Goode” to accompany your selection.

And something about a fast car…
Ooh, I like Tracy Chapman, too.

Yeah, that one about the fast car may very well be the very first song to wear the label “rhythm & blues” or “rock & roll” – your choice. That whole distinction has always bugged me, like how do you know it’s R&B and not R&R?

Just gimme some of that rock and roll music

it’s got a back beat you can’t lose it

My digital cable has a blues music channel. Some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard is from the 30s and 40s.

One of the college radio stations over here used to play lost blues on Sunday mornings, but I guess that guy graduated. Now it’s ethnic mix. Intersting. But I likes me blues.

Comcast Digital does, too. We used to have a separate box for the music (DMX they said) but the digital signal box merged them into one. They take up the 2-- range and there must be 30 or more. Several flavors of jazz even.

Old blues like John Lee Hooker, T-Bone Walker, Buddy Guy, Albert King, etc., are the style I prefer.

Then there’s the ABB.

I guess no one else is up yet, huh?

Well, I’m going to a pool party this afternoon. Someone else will have to carry this hijack.

lessee… blue trunks, white tee? red and black trunks, black tee?
no wait! blue trunks, blue and white Hawaiann shirt!

K. I’m ready.

Enjoy! We’re headed out on the boat later. Hope to catch the fireworks show if the weather holds.

yeah, I’m just gonna hang at Bilbo’s place (guy with pool). Should be able to see some from around town.

CCR tomorrow night. :slight_smile:

The Squeeze is IMing, I’ll probably pop back in before I go, see who showed up.

CCR? CC Rider?

Creedance Clearwater Revisited

(not Revival - they’re missing some of the originals)

Outstanding! You know, until just recently I thought CCR had done that thing about Long Cool Woman. The beat sounded so Suzie Q to me. I was shocked to hear it was The Hollies.

Love that beat.

I heard that “My Ding-A-Ling” was the only Chuck Berry song that went to #1 on Billboard’s chart. So sad…

And Chuck was as much the “architect of Rock ‘n’ Roll” as Little Richard ever was. Timing!

This has to be one of the most insane hijacks the history of the SDMB.

Why, thank you, xgxlx. I’ll regard that as a major mark of success!

If I could retitle this thread, I’d call it

“What is the name of this thread?”
“This thread doesn’t have a title.”

I’m relatively new here, and I’ve only started two threads. My first thread was an unmitigated disaster–I wanted to know if anyone had any stories relating to customer service, more specifically shoe salesmen. It was a tad too specific and I got a few views but no replies.

My second thread was about how my cat and old car might behave during my upcoming cross-country move. I wanted to know how long my fiance’s old VW Jetta would last in the Florida heat and how I could make sure my cat would be OK with the move. It got seven or eight replies, so that wasn’t bad.

I didn’t expect big responses from either thread because of the specific nature, but I suppose I wanted to get a little more conversation going. I don’t necessarily think a thread’s success should be based on the number of replies, but as a newbie, I guess I wanted to make a “bigger” impact. It all comes down to ego, I guess. And once I learn who all is out there and learn to pick my spots and come up with something interesting, I’ll try again.