Post your most successful thread.

I think my most successful thread was ‘If life gives you lemons’ in which the theme was to humerously butcher well-known inspirational quotes.
Avoiding the search function (if at all possible) what was your most successful thread. And what was it’s theme?

My most successful thread only stopped generating responses a few days ago. It was What famous thing surprised you when you saw it in person?. It got almost 250 unusually high-quality replies and some people suggested that it was one of the great threads of the SDMB.

You never can tell which ones will take and which ones won’t.

I started a Straight Dope Superflu one that went four pages. It got off to a false start, but once I explained it was a “Pretend you’re characters in Stephen King’s The Stand with internet access” then it really got cooking.

I wonder…did we all make it to Boulder, or did some of us end up in Las Vegas? :wink:


My link.

Mine was “Your kid’s getting a B in math – oh, and he’s fat,” about school districts in Texas that proposed including kids’ BMI numbers on their report cards. 117 posts, 3446 views.

I was so proud … sniff, sniff… :wink:

I noticed something interesting while looking up this stat: I had a thread with only 35 replies, but 1686 views! That’s kind of cool (somehow). :slight_smile:

Ivylass, that is one of my all-time favorite SD threads. I just reread it last week. I’m pretty sure I made it to Boulder-wonder what happened to everyone else?

My best thread would be
“Fun with my Vintage Sears catalog” thread , with its huge response of over 40 posts. Yep, over 40 whole posts. Hey, it was pretty good for a thread-killer such as myself.

Celebrity Deathpool - the original ran for a year and its legacy still lives.

I also once suggested that the SDMB needed a forum for debates.

Yeah I’ve never had what you’d call a runaway blockbuster success of a thread. I had one that was almost a page about cream soda once. Maybe there was one that was two pages, I’m not sure. Most of the time, it seems that my threads don’t even get one single response! What can I say. I ask the tough questions.

My most successful thread was Which U.S. City Has Had The Worst Decline, which had 103 posts and almost 2,000 views.

Strangely, almost all of my long-lasting threads were started near the beginning of my board career.

Depends on what you mean by successful. I’ve had 3 or 4 make Threadspotting, one with over 3000 posts, and several more with 200-400+ replies. I had a couple of threads contribute towards major policy change on the SDMB (which made some people happy, some mad.)

But my most favorite threads are the ones that help educate and entertain.* I’ve had threads on language and dialect, the causes and turning points of world wars, obscure toys we grew up with, beautiful and fascinating airplanes, the cost of the war in Iraq, astrology, and of course, Star Trek.

Here’s a few to look at…

*of course, most of the teaching and entertaining was done by fellow Dopers, but they were my threads they did it in. :wink:

In terms of number of replies, it was one of the recent “24” threads in Cafe Society. But that was mostly because a few folks got into a “great debate” about the appropriateness of one of the character’s reactions.

I would consider my most successful one overall to be my Pit Thread of about 2 months back, titled Stupid Cheater Tricks, with 123 replies, currently 6777 views, and it inspired a GD thread about plagiarism, as well.

My search shows that…

.50 cal rifles now banned in California” was my post popular thread? The one that turned into a debate on general firearms ownership? Aw, man… :smack: :frowning:

Well, “Favorite scary, bloodcurdling quotes” got the most views, so I’ll just go with that.

Strangely, my most popular threads were the ones that didn’t really strike me as being worthy of such attention.

My “mouse in the house” series – the ones that I really did put a lot of creativity into – between them got about 1000 views ( and

I certainly didn’t expect the Things that piss IT people off thread to take off the way it did, setting the record for both the most replies (114) and the most views (3,950) for any thread I’ve created.
There’s no accounting for taste I guess :slight_smile:


Well, I started one of the photo threads, which is far and away my most popular with 669 replies and 22,726 views…but I’m not sure if I’d count that, since I didn’t exactly originate the subject matter.

Other than that, the award goes to A poll…by a guy…about hair, in which many a Doper had fun ridiculing my former hairstyle. 61 replies, 1,285 views.

My most popular threads were actually in the Pit :o That’s a bit ironic since I doubt I’ve started more than a few percent of mine there.

This one was a question posed to the Great Debates mods concerning what I felt was their lenient treatment of the late Collounsbury. It got 250 replies and 7891 views. I still wonder whether the thread may have contributed to his banning a short while later.

My other “successful” thread was a diatribe against pkbites for what was, IMHO, his bigotry. It was locked after 244 replies and 5755 views.

My most successful thread was Why Pterosaurs aren’t Dinosaurs, from Comments on Cecil’s Columns. 64 posts (9 of which were mine) and 1,753 views.

My least successful thread was about…pterosaurs: 0 replies, 51 views.

My most successful thread was Fantasy/ sci fi with strong female characters? with 107 replies and 2,090 views.

It’s threads like these that take the longest to read!

My most posted thread was This thread is haunted (80/3288) And sure enough only later did I find the good come back for Byzantine’s smackdown of me at its birth. Something about thread having gotten to her. Oh well, at least the thread made threadspotting.

These two are my favorite threads though.
Scary Bedroom Experiment (63/1825)De-Cannonize a plot point (62/1272)

Two of my more popular threads:

Death penalty: a personal dichotomy (91/1049)
Memogate: are CBS completely stupid (84/2400)

Though I see I’ve started four threads in the past year which received no replies at all.

With over 4000 views, but only 105 replies, my top is my Larger Nippled Women
A not so close second, is my [URL=]Dopers with Clitoral Piercings
thread with over 3,00 views, but only 68 replies. :confused:
I think I am seeing a pattern here…