Post your most successful thread.

Boy did I fuck that up. :smack: Let’s try this again:

Proving that the SDMB is a community who cares, my most “successful” thread was asking for advice. Partialy due to me becoming violently ill and going AWOL for a few days BUT mostly because Dopers are a caring bunch that thread got 228 replies and 12,810 views. :eek:

Incase anyone is still curious…we went out for a while but he was as full on as his letter suggested. We politely parted ways. I still think the letter was kinda cool though.

I more then appreciate the advice and concern shown in that thread.

Of course I am a bit embarrassed that was my most “successful” thread.

If anyone needs a naughty maids uniform I have one going FREE…see I told you he was full on!

My next most replied to thread was called “Shut the fuck up George Bush”…no surprise there :smiley:

I always wondered what happened to that guy, calm kiwi. What size is the maid’s uniform?

Oh yeah, my thread: well, I didn’t start Toy Story - No Gun For Woody?,

but I think I can claim to have shaped it, and it was probably the most fun. As for my own threads, probably a tie between Summarise A Novel In A Limerick, which was highly entertaining, and A Plea For Restraint in the Pit after Tubagate had just broken and tempers were running high.

Well he turned out to be a plonker! Oh Bugger you I was trying to be polite!

What size maids uniform does your wife need? :smiley:

This was my very first post on the boards, and I really wasn’t up to speed at all, as is most obvious:
Licences for having Children…good idea??? [69 / 1043]
My top three:
“Intelligent Design” teaching in schools… [105 / 2031]

Top 100 books of the C20th- How many have you read? [99 / 1101]

On the poor, underprivileged voters being more Conservative in US… [82 / 1576]
My favourite thread / exchange (that I started), although not as popular as the others:
Modern Urban dystopias (in film and literature) [46 / 852]
I also have had a LOT of threads with 0 replies. ::sob::

Blushes furiously

Why, thank you!

This one, probably.
My patient’s bizarre penis

This isn’t the thread with the most replies, but it is the only one that has been linked to from other threads. I’m still proud of it.

Rules for a Happy Signifigant Relationship

Not the most number of replies but popular anyway: My Bladder Knows I’m Home. I wanted to link to it on Teemings Extra but that site seems to be down.

As for the most replies, probably the NASA moon conspiracy thread.

Scary stories.

I’ve only had two threads go three pages. Most die around 24 replies or so. :frowning:

Showdown! Justice League of America vs. the X-Men

I’m so proud. :cool:

My wife? Oh, right. Yeah, my wife. Umm, she’s about 5’11" and weighs 180lbs. Big woman, my wife.

Probably this one

about my old colleague who volunteered to be killed and eaten.

Most popular was this little one about thread killing.

My least popular was this 0 reply loser following up on this mini-rant about the power being out.

My most successful thread based on posts is Racist Scholarships, which is a diatribe I posted nearly five years ago against the abundance of scholarships restricted to minorities. I was 16 at the time and overused punctuation. The conversation quickly flew over my adolescent head.

A close second is Ask the Teenager II, but it was quickly swarmed by a bunch of other teenagers, so it was more of a group effort than “my” thread.

My most popular thread based on views is Mr. Evil Breakfast is served, Pit Style. The titular (hee hee) member (hee hee) was later banned (though not as a result of my thread), so I guess I couldn’t have been too off the mark.

I had three threads with no replies, out of 110 I’ve started. Speaking of, I’ve started 110 threads in the almost-six years I’ve been here.

Whoa! I was just browsing the Threadspotting archive. My thread was submitted!

If life gives you lemons…

:heart: TellMeI’mNotCrazy

The most views by a very long shot is The stupidest thing I’ve ever done to myself.. My shining moment is me being a big klutz…

I was quite surprised to find that the thread I started with the most replies was Doperball III (366). Before I did the search, I thought the answer would be What The Hell Is That? (although that did have the most page views – 7,481)

Two honorable mentions, for varying reasons: One-Syllable Challenge: What Do You Do For A Living? and Voice Mail Karaoke (a.k.a. Abject Humiliation).

Of 29 threads I’ve started, the most popular one was I can’t believe what I just learned about my ex-boss, with only 14 replies, but 1314 views. Next was Bring Out Your Puns, with 68 replies and 1107 views. All the entertaining in this thread was done by other Dopers.