Threads you *wish* were locked

Mine would be :

-anything involving SUV’S pro or con
-meat is murder


I can see this one suffering the same indignity in the not-too-distant-future!!

Be careful what you wish for…:smiley:

“Threads Most Likely to be Locked”

Every time I see it I wonder why it doesn’t get some poetic justice.

so two for this thread …OK

LDS Bashing threads really make me upset.

All of them.

Nope, mine wasn’t sarcastic, Tony. Do a search for “Threads Most Likely to be Locked”.

Anything involving smoking, pro or con.

Any threads bashing His4Ever/december/troll of the week that are not the first or second ones on the subject. After the first few threads, we KNOW they are idiots. No need to drive the point home.