Three miles! THREE MILES!

No stopping. No slowing down. Three miles, all the way. Never gone that far, not all in one go. Three miles! I feel like I’m going to die. I feel fantastic. I think my nipples are bleeding. But three miles! Three miles!

Tomorrow, I start working on four.

Congratulations! Um, you’re talking about running, right? I’m doing this couch to 5k program so in 5 weeks I could be the one writing the OP. Hopefully without the part about bleeding nipples.

Ewww! What’s that about?! I’ve never heard of that as a side-effect of running.

ETA: Oh yeah. . . and congratulations on making it to three miles. . . well, if the nipple thing isn’t serious.

Very very common. Watch the finish line of a 10K someday and prepare to be horrified. Wearing a sweaty white shirt will make the runners look like they’ve been shot. Twice.

:eek: And to think I thought Miller was just kidding, and I was going to reply that he try a different “man-siere,” but since it’s genuine hurting we’re talking about, I guess the jokes are mostly out, right?

Er, and we are talking about male runners, right?

Usually…not always.

For your enjoyment.

You learn something new every day.

Yeah, those suck. Vaseline is your friend on longer runs, I’ve found…

What the…OK, I gotta call BS on this.

It’s one thing for something common like stress incontinence & miscarriage to be thought to have a lower incidence than actual, but those are “hidden” maladies. But bloody nipples?

It’s from chafing. When you run, your shirt can chafe your nipples to the point of bleeding.

Good on you, Miller !

Uh, for the run, not for the nipples.

harumph…I shall remain unconvinced. Perhaps I have inverted nipples.

But yes indeedy, yea Miller!

Good for you, Miller! You’re way ahead of me.

Congratulations! I remember the first time I went three miles - I was sore for a week and could barely get down a set of stairs.

Put bandaids on your nipples before you go - that’ll save em. I hear a lot of marathoners do that). Actually now that I think of it, masking tape might be cheaper then 2 bandaids every time :slight_smile:

And dont go up to 4 too quickly - especially if you are just starting out. Its a lot more punishment then your body has been used to taking up to this point - take your time getting up to the 4 miles so that your feet and knees have time to adapt (follow the couch to 5k program that someone else mentioned).

Pfftt. Big whoop. I drive further than that all the time.

Waitaminnit…Miller, you got any hair on your chest to speak of? I’m hypothesizin’ that hairless girlymen are more at risk than us barbarian hair factories.

Some people just get it more than others. I’ve got a pretty hairy chest, and for 3-5 mile runs my nipples are just starting to get agitated. Last year during my marathon training, they bled like a mofo on runs longer than 10 miles.

Check the running stores. They have lubricant you put on your nips that really, really help. Bandaids help too, but tend to fall off when you get sweaty.

Anyhoo, congrats on the 3 miles! Going from 0 - 3 miles is a big deal and very difficult. Going from 3 - 4, piece of cake! Just keep movin’ those feet!

Yeah me to.

I mean if God meant us to run we’d have 4 legs…right?

When I lifeguarded, we used paddleboards for rescues- I was at lakes with beaches. We would paddle for half-hour to an hour for workouts sometimes. Not being comfortable on my knees, I paddled on my chest. Talk about sore nipples! I mock you and your poor nipples from shirt chafage.

Any running store will have a plethora of over-priced but effective ways to deal with chafing nipples, thighs, etc.

I remember when I ran 3 miles, then 4, etc. I was just like you Miller. Eventalluy ran 15 miles straight, training for a marathon. I ran the marathon but actually had to walk and run through it thanks to a uncooperative back. But I finished!