Three most beautifull women in the world

Hey you horny bastards! Which are the three most beautifull women in the world?
I would say:Pamela Anderson,Lucy Liu :stuck_out_tongue: ,Catherine Zeta Jones.

What. On. Earth. Is this doing in the Pit??

Natalie Portman. Some woman I’ve never seen. Some other woman I’ve never seen.

(tomorrow I’ll be kicking myself for not including woman x, woman y and woman z)

Since we’re in the Pit:

What sort of fucking idiot picks Pamela Anderson? For fuck’s sake, she looks like a skanky bar whore. I see women more attractive than her twenty times a day. Even if we’re restricting ourselves to celebrities I can name a hundred more beautiful women without even trying hard. She’s the ugliest woman ON HER OWN TV SHOW.

And you fucking kidding, or blind?

Audrey Hepburn will always have a special place in my heart.

Uhm… You idiot.

A) Where do you live?


B) When is the next flight to the airport nearest you?

And, uh, oh yeah, I forgot:

“Get your fucking posts straight, Asshat! This is The Pit, you douchebag fuck! Don’t you read the fora headers, you ignorant tit? Does IMHO mean anything to you, you twat-faced mong?”

How was that?

First off, what RickJay said.

This changes on a daily basis but I’ll contribute. A list would not be complete without Natalie Portman. The other two places go to Kristen Kreuk and Sarah. I have no pictures of her (and I wouldn’t share anyhow, I’m sorry but that just ain’t cool) but I do work with her and man can she light up a room.

How bout the fellows? Right now I’m perving on Alexandre Despatie.

Lucy Liu has a weird looking face. I can’t quite place it but I think it has something to do with her eyes not being level or something.


Well, since we’re in Da Pit…

Nathalie Portman? Nathalie fucking Portman? Can you say bland? Can you say so painfully boring and untalented she makes the peeling of paint seem riveting by comparison. Never in my life have I seen a purported super-starlet so devoid of charisma, so lacking in native talent, so flat in affect, so mind-numbingly, drearily dull.

She peaked in “The Professional” as a thespian, I’m afraid, and as a looker, while lovely, she’s lovely in that vacuously sort of perfect way which only a wax mannequin could best emulate.

She looks like the “good looking” alien in the Lost In Space episode, “The Golden Man” after he reveals his true face to Penny.

Pamela Anderson is just plain hideous.

I think Pamela Anderson is a truly beautiful woman. She may do herself up like a skanky bar whore, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is naturally beautiful.

what he said.

That’s what I like about it. It’s not typical cookie-cutter hot.

For me, number one would definitely be Laetitia Casta.
Number two, Angelina Jolie.

And for number three, a more down-to-earth hottie, Thora Birch.

As you can tell, I have a strong preference for brunettes. :slight_smile:

And Pamela Anderson. Pamela fucking Anderson??? Are you kidding me? Blech.

I agree. You look at pics of her before the massive boob-jobs and the slutty getup, and you’re talking one seriously hot woman. It’s weird: Makeup makes her ugly, unlike, say, Brittney Spears, who looks like total trailer trash once you peel off the cake-face.

Gah! I was replying to Green Bean

Ahh great. I’m not going to post my 3 women now.
It’ll probably get bashed down.

But I would like to say that we are talking about beautiful women, not good actresses. So I think Natalie Portman does qualify.

Nahhh. Catherine Zeta Jones…now SHE is a beauty. Hoo-ahh. Put the two next to each other. See what I mean?

Hmm, Zeta Jones is a little too old for my tastes. How bout Keira Knightley. Lets put her next to Natalie, and…
mmmm… Isn’t that nice?

I’ll third the “blech” on Pam Anderson. I wouldn’t fuck her with a rented cock.