Who's the most beautiful woman in the world?

I want you to base your answer on looks only. I don’t care about personality or intelligence (well I do, but not for this purpose). I just want your opinion on who you think is the most perfect woman in the world based on looks and body and all other superficial traits.

For me it’s definitely LAETITIA CASTA.

I’d have to disagree with you on that, dude. I think I’d have to go with Portia De Rossi

you should make it a requirement to post a link! the nuder, the better!

Well number 1 would be a girl in college that involves a really long depressing story. Many of the rest would involve links that would get my post deleted and a lecture from the mods, so I’ll go with Jessica Alba.

My wife, without question :slight_smile:
[sub]And no, I’m not just saying that cuz she will see this[/sub]

I always had a thing for Jill Schoelen. But IMDB says she hasn’t made a movie in five years. GRRRRRRRRRR

Conversely, I’ve seen a nude pic of Yeardly Smith before.


I can still see it when I shut my eyes.

Hey, there is NOTHING wrong with Yeardley Smith. She may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but that voice and personality more than makes up for it.

[sub]Don’t you be dissin’ Lisa Simpson![/sub]

Marie-Helene Boyer. Absolutely. AND she’s Canadian.

Based just on looks, I’d have to go with Elizabeth Hurley. I’m a heterosexual woman and I’d go to bed with her.

Isabella Rosellini.

no doubt.

*Originally posted by Turbo Dog *
My wife, without question :slight_smile:


Lucky dog!!

Without any doubt in my mind, put down another vote for Laetitia Casta.

Who’s that? Google turns up precious little.

I’d just like to remove my name from consideration before any of you get into a fight over it.

I would say Winona Ryder.

Well Women have different faces depending on whether they are in adolescence or adulthood.

Now for me one of THE most beautiful girl in adolescence was Jennifer Connelly. Now she makes me melt. She’s one of those girls you want so badly it hurts, physically hurts. That lust is just so great. And oh those shots of her in that white shirt in “Career Opportunities” where her breasts, eyes, lips, eyebrows, hair, nose, cheeks, chin, neck, skin etc. all just looked so damn amazing. I could write a long novel where I do nothing but describe my lust for her, but I wont. She’s recently gotten way too skinny just like Courtney Cox.

But if I were to choose a woman for life, based on looks, then I would have to introduce you to the amazing Julie Andrews. She just turned 66 and is now 40 years older than me and I would still hop into bed with her without a thought. And as a bonus she’s just so classy.

Osiris, you Sir, are a man of impeccable class and discerning taste. Thank God for The $treet, Dark City and anything else she ever graced.

Didn’t know about the skinny bit though. I’m hoping this is just some fad that will die soon with Ca lista Flockhart.

Then, we’ll have our Jennifer back!;)

Penélope Cruz.

How about Grace Slick? Even now at 61 she is still sort of good looking.

I would also second the Elizabeth Hurley vote.

Nikki Cox