Thudlow Boink is the coolest person in all creation

Some of you may remember this Pit thread of mine, in which I kick myself for having sold a short story anthology long ago, and decided I wanted a copy back so I could start a collection, went on Amazon, and discovered the only copies there sold for $45+.

Well, in that same thread, Thudlow Boink offered me his copy when he was done. Now, this was completely unexpected; because of the high prices on the Amazon marketplace copies, I figured that the chances of any Doper having a copy were astronomical, never mind the chances of anyone offering me a shot at it after just revealing that some stores were able to sell it for $45+. The Pit thread was just a gripe; I was fully expecting a long haul of fruitless used bookstore searching. And here’s an offer just dropping in my lap!

So Thudlow Boink has recently informed me that he is done with his copy (pardon if my pronouns are wrong), and he wants to know if I still want it. I check Amazon again; there are now cheaper copies in the Marketplace, but the cheapest ones sound like they’re in pretty lousy shape, and Thudlow’s description of his is pretty good - only a remainder mark, really. So I jump at the chance. Besides, why not give my “business” to a fellow Doper?

Now here’s the kicker: I ask him if he wants any money over and above shipping costs. His answer: no. Apparently he doesn’t even want to be reimbursed for the mailing! He tells me to give it to a charity of my choice instead!

I can’t tell you how awed and stunned I am. Think something like this would’ve happened on Fark or SomethingAwful? I mean, wow - I haven’t been the recipient of that kind of generosity for a long time, especially from someone I barely know on some message board.

Hats off to you, Thudlow, and this board for existing!

Wow. Wow.

I have to agree with you there, that Thudlow seems pretty nice. I’ve noticed that. And what s/he did for you was swell. We love you, Thudlow.

Hurray for Thudlow. Hurry for dopers!

Hey, not only is he a doper, he’s a Cardinals fan.

Well, nobody’s perfect.

“The SBMB – Made From The Best People On Earth!”

I got the book a couple of weeks ago.

Yay again to Thudlow Boink! He’s awesome!