Thundercats Mafia Gameplay Thread [Game Over]

Starting Player Roster:

  1. Astral Rejection
  2. glowacks
  3. Pleonast
  4. [del]Zeriel[/del] Hirka T’Bawa
  5. Mahaloth
  6. Normal Phase
  7. special ed
  8. Red Skeezix
  9. Giraffe
  10. [del]pedescribe[/del] Jimmy Chitwood
  11. fubbleskag
  12. Tom Scud
  13. [del]Sir T-Cups[/del] Inner Stickler
  14. Wolverine

Our current sub roster is:

Basic rules:

1 - Do not edit your posts!

2 - In the event a player requests to leave the game or no-votes two game days in a row, the player will be subbed (if one is available) or modkilled. As of the start of the game, we have no subs. If you’d like to be listed as a sub, please PM me.

3 - I will endeavor to keep the game on a regular cycle but may have to schedule slightly irregular Day/Night cycle ends to ensure I’ll be available due to outside commitments. Schedule changes may happen. In all cases, I will give as much notice as possible. In the event that no scheduling update has been posted, please presume that the Day ends as scheduled, and votes after this time will not qualify.

Gameplay basics

Each Day, players will vote for a banishment candidate. The player with the highest vote count will be banished.

Each Night, the scum team may select a player to night kill. Night powers may also be used at this time. In-game discussion during the night is allowed, but no votes may be cast during this time. If you have night powers, please PM me with the desired use during the Night cycle listed at the end of each day. If you do not do so, I will presume no action is taken.

When dead or banished, your role (and, thus, team) is revealed to all.

Each person may vote for one player at a time, or may vote “no banish” to vote for no-one to be banished (thrown onto the Altar of Truth) on a particular day. To vote, please color your vote in bold blue and vote on a new line of text, such as:

vote fluiddruid

You may also unvote:

unvote fluiddruid

Ties will be resolved through random chance, though “no banish” may not win tie votes. Invalid votes, such as votes for dead players or multiple votes, will be discarded. Please unvote prior to placing a new vote or the new vote will be ignored.

Questions to me regarding rule clarifications may be in bold green, though please do not post time-sensitive questions in the game thread itself. Please PM me for the fastest possible response to your question. Example:

Fluid, how many votes do I get every day?

Extended information, including info about roles and powers, is available in the setup thread:

You all awaken in a dark, moist cavern. Flickering shadows with amorphous forms drift around you. The cavern’s only feature is a large stone altar, engraved with ancient and mysterious symbols, in a beam of light. Around you, the shattered remains of various vehicles and machines litter the floor.

The ghost of an old Thundercat wearing a helmet gradually appears – it is Jaga, the spiritual guide of Lion-O, lord of the Thundercats. His wizened but firm voice fills your ears:

“You are all trapped here in the Cave of Lies, in the remnants of an ancient temple from many eons ago. Your battle disrupted this holy ground, which is guarded by ancient magics!”

Each of you can remember, if only vaguely, a pitched battle. The Thundercats, the brave clan of nobles from doomed planet Thundera, were fighting the evil Mumm-Ra and his army of mutants. Outnumbered, the Thundercats nonetheless held their own against the Mutant forces and attempted to shield civilian casualties from the fight. Brave Panthro of the Thundercats had used the Thundertank to attempt to volley a nearby cliff and rain down rocks on the Mutant forces, but instead exposed a giant cavern, from which seeped a gas which quickly overcame each of you.

Jaga continues, "Your mortal forms have been obscured as a part of an ancient test. While you are but a small number, all of your fellows and enemies slumber above under the open sky, awaiting the results. You see, these ancients did not fight battles, but instead settled their conflicts through wit and wisdom. But, beware! For this is a terrible test. Each day, you all must select a candidate to be thrown down on the Altar of Truth by vote, and the shadows concealing their forms will melt away. However, those who are selected will be banished to the Seventh Dimension, never to return.

"Those of you with honest and true hearts must attempt to find those of you with evil intentions. If you expose all those here who wish harm on the peaceful peoples of Third Earth, you and all your companions who sleep above will be restored, and evil in Third Earth will be broken. Alas, though, for if the evil creatures among you ever outnumber those of noble spirit, they will cast the remainder of you into exile, and the good-hearted souls of Third Earth will be doomed to a future of torment and slavery! And beware, for I feel that they may not fight entirely fairly…

“Good luck, Thundercats and good people of Third Earth!”

With that, Jaga disappears. The cavern is deadly quiet, if only for a moment…

Day 1 has begun.
Night 1 will begin at 10am CST on Monday, 4/25.

So some quick notes to begin with, from the setup thread:

1 - Scum can NOT day-talk.

2 - A summary of the power roles possibly available to Town:
Standard Cop (Lion-O)
Standard Doc (Panthro)
Up to 3 standard masons (with no night communication): Pumyra, Ben Gali, and Lynx-O
2 “linked” masons (night communication, one dies if the other dies): Wilykit and Wilykat
A martyr, who can substitute his death for the cop’s death, but only if he correctly identifies the cop: Snarf
A remorseful Vig: Hanchiman - note that if he kills Town, there is no way to prevent him from dying himself.

There are also four listed possible uniquely named Vanillas:
Cheetara, Tygra, Snarfer, and Snowman of Hook Mountain

As well as sorta-unique-named vanillas Ro-Bear-Bill, Ro-Bear-Belle, and other variations on Ro-B*

In addition, the setup thread mentions that there are other possible named vanilla Thundercats.

Finally, there could be generic vanillas: Wollos and Bolkens.

The scum team has a Godfather (mumm-ra) and no other power roles listed in the setup thread. If the godfather dies, Town finds out how many scum are left alive.

It’s pretty obvious to me that we’re not going to have a full complement of power roles and named vanillas in a 14-player game - in fact, the setup thread lists 15 names on the Good side, so it’s not even possible.

And from the rules, voting “no-banish” is possible, though for the moment I can’t imagine a point to using it. And ties (except those with “no-banish”, which always loses) are resolved randomly, unlike most of the recent games I remember. So it’s back to ties being undesirable.

Someone closed the setup thread before I had a chance to post that I am a Thundercat. :mad:

No problem, you can just do it here.

At work now, I’ll check in later!

**Fluid, are there any scum power roles not listed in the set-up thread?

Also, have the scum been provided with cover roles?**

Assuming the answer to both of these is “no”, I think anyone with one of the four listed unique vanilla roles (Cheetara, Tygra, Snarfer -----BUT NOT SNARF-----, and Snowman of Hook Mountain) should claim asap.

Can you better explain why they should? I think this would be a big advantage to scum because it would help them narrow down who are the Town power roles. What does Town get by them claiming early?

I would regard an early claimant as quite likely to be telling the truth; it would give us a handful of kinda-confirmeds from the start, and give the cop (if there is one) a better idea where to look. If the scum want to kill off the kinda-confirmeds instead of hunting for the cop, more power to them.

Pretty much all I’d like to say about the Scum team is listed in the setup.

Are we 100% sure all of the power roles actually exist? This is a shortened game with fewer players than Fluid originally hoped for.

What if scum waits out the claims and notices there’s no actual Snowman, and then they claim that character?

Further, scum have easy access to cover roles - make up a Ro-B name. The odds are good that whatever they made up wouldn’t actually be in the game.

Historically, I’ve opposed early claims for threereasons: 1, it offers free information to scum while offering no verifiable information to the town. 2, I expect the moderator to take the steps necessary to ensure an early mass claim won’t break the game. 3, I don’t think it’s very fun.

I’m willing to be convinced, but I don’t believe there’s a good enough reason to do it yet.

Oops, when I typed “power role” I meant “vanilla role.” I understood what you were suggesting, Tom, I just typed the wrong word.

As far as that goes, I will regard an early claim as solider than a late one for precisely that reason; I will be very surprised if all four of the names I listed are in the game. I’m not advocating a full name-claim (or a name-claim in which the power roles claim to be Wollos or Bolkens); just that if anyone happens to have one of the four names, they should come out with it. As far as the Ro-BBs or other names off of the longer list of Thundercat names that fluid linked in the setup thread, I’m going to regard that as pretty close to a null tell.

Presumably to separate the inactive from the undecided.

are you suggesting a power role claim? now?

Oh, never mind. I had missed the earlier post.

You’re suggesting a Unique Vanilla claim?

Won’t that dilute the hiding pool for the power roles?

And still allow the Scum a potential fake claim for credibility?

For all we know, the Scum might have been given safe fake claims.

So a list of its constituents is out, then? :slight_smile:

OK, Day one… I hate Day one. We all just end up standing around eyeing each other, waiting for someone to open their mouth so we can find a reason to lynch them for it. I never feel good about my Day one vote.

Also, I should note that I know nothing about the Thundercats, except that I saw the cartoon once or twice and I hated it.

That does worry me; I was hoping for a solid “no” to my second green question above, since Fluid made the set-up pretty close to open.

As for the argument about unique Vanillas claiming early, I can sort of see the logic in it, since it does help the Town Cop (if we have one) and all Town voters avoid mislynches. But I think it gives scum a bigger advantage than Town. Let’s look at the math of it:

With 14 players, I’m guessing 3 or 4 scum. I’ll use 4 for the math below, but I don’t know what’s typical in games this size so adjust if that’s too high.

Without said claim or any obvious scum tells, Town has a 4/14 = 29% chance to correctly choose a scum player to investigate or lynch. If 3-4 Vanillas claim, that goes up to around 40% (4/9 or 4/10).

However, the scum’s chance to NK a Doctor or Cop the first Night goes from 2/10 = 20% to 2/7 = 29%. While it looks similar to the above change, the relative difference is a fair amount larger and it gets worse every Night. After 3 Nights, the odds of both the Doctor and Cop going untargeted by scum goes from 47% to 28%.

It’s not without benefit for Town, but it doesn’t seem like those benefits are worth the risk to the power players.