Thunderstorm Appreciation Thread

ooh, i looooooove storms… my alter-ego is the goddess of bad weather, and thunderstorms are so pretty, especially at dusk or early in the morning…

As a kid in Ohio I would stand on the front porch and watch huge towering storms sweep across the Mad River Valley in the spring. The view from the house was a good 10 miles all the way to Urbana. It was impressive.

Out here on the prairie you can see a storm coming for an hour or more. This spring we watched a storm that followed Interstate 80, a good 90 miles or more to the South. It was an anvil of clouds slowly rolling from west to east across our field of view. As it grew dark there was an evil flicker of light at its base with the thunder head itself all illuminated with yellow and orange tints from the sunset. Because of the distance there was no sound and the cloud edges were just as crisp as if they had been cut from craft paper.

Of late, however, I’ve grown considerably less enchanted with the whole thing. A storm last week reduced the internet connection to the computer at home from 45K to 4.8K on one line and 17.2K on the other. The local Mini-Bell insists that since I can get a dial tone there is nothing wrong with the lines. If I could get a wireless connection I’d switch over in a NY minute.