This is great! It just broke loose, it’s directly above us, and the thunder is something like 30 seconds apart. I’m off to run in the rain.

Just as long as you don’t wear wet copper armour and shout ‘All gods are idiots’…

Nah, all the armour I’ve got is steel. Man, does the sky look pretty after a good storm.

Ah man, I was going to sleep (night watch) but it was so stuffy in the room, I was about to choke. (I only have ceiling windows, which can’t really be opened in the rain . . .) Plenty of near misses, judging by the flashes and thunder.

Where are you in Oslo? I’m around Gamlebyen Gravlund.

Fjellbirkeland, up by Sognsvann. The flashes and booms were coming so fast I couldn’t tell how close it was.

It’s here right now. Thunder that is. 11,200 feet in the mountains. It’s right on top of us. You can feel the noise. Love it.

One of our dogs, not so much. She has her spot where she feels safe. The other dog doesn’t even notice it.

Oh Come on! You’re just making those names up!

We had a good run of thunderstorms here last month with non-stop lightning!
Here’s some evidence.

That’s why I love Texas. Thunderstorms are possible any month of the year, but we’re pretty much guaranteed them from April through late June.


I love me some thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms have been a daily occurrence lately (except the last two-three days for some reason.) That’s normal for this time of year, in Florida. And they scare the bejeezus out of my dog and cats. The bird thinks they’re great. :rolleyes: :smiley:

I spent yesterday’s thunderstorm on my roof in a bathing suit. We had a swimming pool worth of water gushing down the side of my house and finding its way in through a window casing. Once I realized that it was because of a clogged gutter, I had to climb up there and slog all the muck out of it, or else the only dry spot in our kitchen would’ve been the sink.

Ahhh… Thunderstorms in Norway. Great for Llama watching I’m told. The way the Llama rolls through the fjords and echos through the Llama. It’s breathtaking.