Thursday SNL Update 10/23

The opening bit with Bush, Palin and McCain was one of the funnier bits I’ve seen in many moons. The rest of the show was forgettable.

Man, I don’t know why nobody else is writing about this?

At any rate, the opening was great. I was soooo pumped to see Will Ferrell in there. It was cool because he played it just like he did back then. There were too many good lines to repeat but my favorite was the one about “three xanax and a silver bullet.”

I did like the Fred Armisen bit about the map. That was kind of funny. It’s not the most hilarious thing on the show, but it did need to be parodied. What was funny to me though, was that that map program seemed kind of real. He was actually touching the screen and manipulating that map. I wonder who made that?

I think the map was a Smartboard like they’re using in schools these days. They are that cool.

The opening was great ("…for the next eight years. [Sixteen!]"). Nice leg shot from Tina, by the way.

Somebody, please tell Kenan or whatever his name is that the FIX IT! bit just isn’t funny. It wasn’t funny the first time, and it doesn’t get any funnier on retread. Just hang it up.

The map screen/program is a product of Perceptive Pixel. No pricing info on the website though.

They have one on Mythbusters now. They used it this week for the Beer Goggles myth.

That’s one of several companies that offer multi-touch technology. But MSNBC is using similar technology from Microsoft, called Microsoft Surface, as part of its election coverage. So my guess is that they used the Microsoft product. (They probaby just wheeled over the same system from the MSNBC office.) It was very cool, though, and even funny once I caught onto the joke.

“Last April I declared the Oval Office to be a ‘bummer-free’ zone.”

The map was hilarious.

“. . . and you have a cat with a triangle nose.”

“I decided to come on at night because every time I give a speech during the day, the stock market goes into the crapper.”

For some reason the goldfish joke killed me last night.

Actually, the MSNBC guys were griping today because their map is not as cool as the one on Saturday Night Live.

A lot of the humor came from how Amy Poehler wouldn’t allow Update to proceed until the audience agreed with her that it was the best goldfish name ever. No words, just a look. Really seemed like it was a joke that made the show specifically because Poehler thought it was funny- like she genuinely thought it was funny.

“When you see McCain’s name on election night, think of me. I mean it. Picture my face with his name.”

Seems like SNL has got their political game back.

Awesome to see Ferrell back. No one else can play Bush like he can. He adds in the blind confidence that Bush projects and other comedians ignore.

Also, Tina Fey makes playing Palin seem so effortless.

And flippin hot.