Tick has a girlfriend!

It’s true. I have a girlfriend.
Wow…I have a girlfriend

Her name is Lauren and she’s a second year English student at the same university as me. We’ve been together for 1 month and 3 days now.

In other news, I’ve got through a ton of stress and finished my exams with only one more presentation to go. I’ve been stalking comedians to help with my girlfriend’s charity project to the point where they know us by name. And i’ve become a professional wench. And then it’s the summer and all that.

God I’ve missed you guys. What’s been happening?

Congratulations. The early days of a flowering relationship are especially fun. What have I been doing in the past month? Oh yeah, I came back to the SDMB after a 3.5 year absence. Woot. :slight_smile:

Woohoo! Go tick!

As for new stuff, mmmm, not that much. Unless you want to count the inordinate amount of insanity going on over here.


When can we expect a post here? :smiley:


Curse you silenus! I wanted to say that!

Ummm, I’ll think I’ll give that one a miss Hal. For my own safety.

And as for your thread silenus, I’m afraid we don’t have anything of that standard yet. I will however make reference to my carpet burns…on my toes.

Congrats! I have a boyfriend. Over . . . um . . . lessee, where’d I put him? Oh, here.

Yay! Lauren is a lovely lady.

How Wonderful!
Are you bringing her to the U.S. when you come in July? Are you still coming?
We will very likely still be in Seattle then, and we have room for both of you. :wink:
I’m so happy for you. Tell her a mean old hag in the U.S. said she better be very good to you, because Heros deserve the best! :smiley:

Thanks for all the congrats.

And picunurse I’m really sorry but my trip to the US has been severly butchered to a two week east coast-ish romp. This being due to somewhat tragic circumstances. But if I like what I see I’m making my next trip a west coast-ish journey and you’ll be on the list.

You’re not masterbating like a motherfuck anymore, I presume.