Hey Kellibelli!

I wouldn’t normally start a thread about this. But I put in an appearance in the Pit recently, and mentioned in a parenthetical that I had a girlfriend.

At which point Kelli said:

I didn’t really want to talk at length in the middle of the CB flamefest, and Kels no longer has her email public.

So here we are, and apologies to those who don’t want to hear how happy I am.


Her name is Suzy. She’s very smart, which is why they let her come to my smart-people-school. We met over the internet because she wanted info on the Academy before she came.

I gradually realized that talking to her was the high point of my day, and on move-in day, when we actually met IRL for the first time, we started going out. It was 3 weeks Saturday.

She’s very sweet, and I think she’s beautiful. But I’m biased.

Yes on all counts.

Thank you.


Its so silly, but I feel very protective of you. I am SO happy sweetie that you are happy!

Are you going to bring her here?

I wish I could give you a hug!

I don’t think I’ll ask her to come to the Boards… I don’t think she’d be interested, and it’s always good to have a personal space.


I think that is a wish decision.

I put my email back in my profile - I didntrealize it wasnt, and I still have you on my yahoo IM - never see you logged on though.

Are you gonna pop into chat sometime?

WISE decision - WISE.

I gotta get some sleep.

Congratulations. One day I’ll get another woman, too. Real quick, though. 518 posts and I don’t recall ever seeing you before. What kind of conspiracy is this? Are you really who you say you are? What have you done to kelli to get her to go along with this? Is there anyone else involved? If so, are they getting paid for helping you? If yes, can I join? If yes, will I actually have to do anything, or can I just pretend? If yes, read that last question again. It was not a yes or no question.

I’m sorry. I have no idea what just happened there, it just seemed wierd that I hadn’t seen you before. Good luck with Suzy and, uh, welcome to the boards or something.

Yo slick, check the date above the post count.

Oct 1999.

I’ve been quiet this summer, because of a crappy Internet connection. Now that I’m back at school, I have the means but less motive… as the thread shows, I’m spending more time with Suzy and less on the computer. And so it goes.

Plus I don’t make much of an impression.

But yeah, I’ve

-Been forced to change my name because the punctuation f’ed up the Username Box

-Entertained Wally (RIP)

-Saved Guy Stuff.

-Similarly, took Guy Stuff to the goddamn moon.

-Been defended by Satan

-Told a troll named Palidors I would screw his mother on his coffin

-Reformed a proto-troll named Shpaiers

-Made friends with Kelli

So, welcome to the Boards.


Excuse me for not checking the date. I wasn’t trying to piss you off, I was just mentioning I hadn’t seen you and saying hey.

Maybe I’m reading your reply wrong, and if so, sorry. Ignore this post.

You didnt piss him off - trust me, if you had, there wouldnt be ay doubt.

John made an amazing impression when he started, we were truly blown away by his insight, and articulateness, and when combined with the fact he is still quite young… its remarkable. He was, and will always be one of my favorite posters.

Heh, I remember Palidork!

John, was it you or Sanibelman that had a classmate join, and we ran him off?

Palidors. Shit. Here’s a thread that pretty much explains the entire sorry son of a bitch. It even has Kelli’s introduction and welcome to Yue Han, née *Ai\ Yue- Ha

Sani’s friends joined, trolled, and got run off.

Mine joined and vanished with maybe 50 posts between them. Just lost interest. Fr’instance, Sunset Lightning, the psychopath from Guy Stuff, was my friend Chris, although we never acknowledged each other.

And of course I’m not pissed.


Hmm, should have waited to post that. The old antiPalidors thread brings back the memories…

Wow, can you believe there was a time when Wally was mistaken for a troll?

Anyway, for more Palidors-bashing, here’s Troll List, started by the lovely Ms. Kelli herself.

warning, both threads are slightly messed up by the Board conversion




I need sleep. Sadly, I have homework.

Such is life.

John: I just realized after reading the first thread you posted that it was this thread that convinced me that this was a board I wanted to belong to. I took heed of the troll bashing and decided that I would wait a couple of weeks and get a feel for the board before I registered. Anyways I’d like to thank you for your part in helping me waste countless hours here :wink:

Wow! That was a big trip down memory lane!

It sure makes me miss Wally, but it was strangely comforting, like he was still here posting away.

Thanks so much for those links. That was alot of fun. :smiley: