In which I pit myself (damn you Blalron)

I just had to do it, didn’t I? I just had another very intimate conversation with my very good female friend. That wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that our relationship is platonic! I enjoy our talks and I don’t want to give them up… but it’s frustrating that there’s no physical component.

Damn you, Blalron!

:: piles on ::

You stupid bastard! I’ve always hated you but never had an appropriate way to express it until this thread! You annoying, socially unwise, perverted chickenschnickerdoodleFUCK!


Maybe your relationship will evolve. Don’t worry yet, just see where things take you and go with the flow.

I certainly don’t think this is Pitworthy. :wink:

Let’s see, we’ve got the pile on and the supportive advice…looks like I’m here for the hijack. Oooh, and I’m on cliche duty!

Anyone else like pie?

I’m here with the teaser post, which may or may not (probly won’t) cause a hijack.

Nyah nyah nyah, my very good, best, female friend also happens to love me. She also wants to kiss me, it’s fantastic. Oh, and she’s hot, very hot.

Yay for physical components!

I argee 100% with everything everyone has said in this thread.

Just get some alcohol involved, that should help things out on the physical side, seeing as you already have a good emotional and mental relationship.

I was in the same boat for quite a while. She and I would hang out pretty much weekly, usually over drinks on Sunday afternoon, and talk about anything and everything under the sun, relationships and such included. It was exquisite torture to listen to her talk about this or that shithead-of-the-week who was treating her like a doormat, but I’d listen and give her straightforward advice (when asked). There was never any physical component at all; I don’t think we as much as shook hands.

Then one night we got good and loaded and she slept over at my place. Things were kinda weird and uncomfortable afterward, but we got over it, and this started to happen more and more often, and pretty soon we were dating and everything was cool.

I’m not going to go into how it all turned out because I don’t want to ruin the mood, but the moral of the story is: Stick with it. She’ll catch on.

Oh yeah: And drink liquor.

I’m confused about why this relationship is platonic if you want it to be more. Does she have a boyfriend? Is she a blood relative?

What’s stopping you from saying, “Hey, I REALLY dig you. Wanna roll around in the hay?” Or just plant a huge kiss on her. That kind of ballsy-ness is impressive, as well as a huge turn-on.

I was always a sucker for the “Are you ever gonna kiss me?” approach. Worked, in both directions, like a charm every single time. Highly recommended.

I think Taxguy nailed it.

She’s single now. We’ve talked about sex before, but never in such explicit detail. I’ve tried to make the relationship physical before, and was turned down… so I’m not sure what’s going on now. She said she was horny and hadn’t had sex for two months, she’s on “the patch”, and she asked what I was doing on Friday.

I’m not sure if she’s actually attracted to me now, or if she’s just going to give me a bad case of blue balls.

Blalron: :: slap ::

I think it’s obvious, and I’m not the swiftest to pick up on interpersonal signals. Ask her if she wants to come home with you, and if she initiates something, go along with it. I predict you’ll end up in the sack before you know it.

If you need alcohol to get your courage up, make it something romantic like wine. But mainly, relax.

Step back and think…My experience leads me to believe friends last longer than lovers…Once the line is blurred…

:Looks up from my calculator and scratches head:

I only get about 33.5%. Maybe I figured something wrong? Oh, and do you mind if I keep scratching your head?

Well, I had a long talk with her today and it turns out she just wants to be friends. She was just horny and needed some guy to talk to.

I actually thought something was going to happen. Christ, I feel so used.

I guess not, if you’ll let me know what “argee” means…


Apparently, you were attempting to work fiberglass into the thread. Very sneaky of you.

Ah, that would explain the itching…

Sorry man. At least you gave it a shot. Now go out and find someone who is crazy about you back.