Tiger woods in very serious car crash

Had another car been in his trajectory, he wouldn’t have been treated with kid gloves. It was only chance that he didn’t kill or maim anyone else that day.

To me it seems more like a case of carelessness and not turning enough rather than the speed being too high and the car losing grip. If he was looking away from the road, it might be easy to not turn the wheel enough if the curve tightens or he may have relaxed his arm and the car drifted to the left. If there was a flat shoulder he may have been able to recover, but the car drifted into a raised median which greatly contributed to flipping the car. As soon as the left tire hit the median, the car is going to start rolling over.

Well, yes, but I’m looking at the totality. He didn’t need to have any other factors involved. He could have just been in hurry (and we know he was) and drove too fast.

I am not saying I don’t think there’s any way there were no other factors involved. Just that there didn’t need to be.

I completely agree. Answering these questions should be part of any investigation of any major accident, especially one that posed such a great danger to the public.

Sure, I just find it astonishing that it wasn’t looked into at the time of the crash.

Get it.

Here is a Google map with a pin at the spot where he crossed the median while NE bound.

“Driving” along Hawthorne Blvd in Street View mode from a couple miles back you can get an appreciation for the uphill part, the peak, and the downhill run towards the accident site. I also found a sign for a “runaway truck ramp 1/2 mile ahead” located about 1/4 mile before the accident location. Implying a non-trivial grade is involved here. The runaway ramp itself isn’t much to look at, but it would do the job if needed.

It seems an odd place to have departed the road simply due to excess speed alone. I’d sooner believe something like head down fiddling with phone or car gizmos while drifting unnoticed to the median. When the car hit the raised median at that speed it was game over; It jumped into the air, perhaps starting to roll over and he’s flopping around in there like a ragdoll even if belted in. At which point it becomes plausible that his foot seeking the brake lands on the accelerator inadvertently and unnoticed. 3ish seconds later it’s all over.

Now why he was that fast and what was distracting him and whether substances were involved or when in the accident sequence did he mash the accelerator are all questions the physical evidence we have about his car’s path and speed and location can’t answer.

Thx all. Doesn’t look like a terribly hazardous stretch.

It’s not terribly hazardous. Just not smart to do at speed. I know I’ve had to brake harder than I thought I needed to. It’s a deceptive downhill curve.

Yeah - makes sense. The kinda thing where you just think you can casually palm the wheel one-handed, and in the middle of the turn realize you have to drive more actively. Got it.

I’m often surprised that more ultra rich folk don’t have professional drivers.

I don’t like to drive. I like the freedom of driving, I like that if I want to go somewhere I can get in my car and go there, no need to wait for a bus or worry about the schedule or take a long walk that might require hours. I appreciate the ability to drive. And my car is comfortable, easy to park, has good features, heck I love my car. And I’ve driven a sports car and I get how driving can theoretically be fun. But if I was rich and I could, I’d have someone drive me, because I don’t like the tedium of it, I don’t like the stress of dealing with idiots on the road, and so on.

My wife though, she loves to drive. She’ll sometimes just drive somewhere to drive, as a form of recreation. She has very rarely ridden in my car because if we go somewhere together she’ll drive, because she enjoys it and I don’t. I imagine that if she were rich she’d still drive.

I think some people just like to drive, even if they don’t have to.

Especially golfers. :wink:

Those of us of a certain age will remember Lee Trevino hawking Bridgestone tires:

Tagline: You can feel it when you drive!

He also hawked Cadillacs and Chryslers.

Yeah, sure. But I always see the value in hiring people to do what they excel at. Plus you avoid ANY concern about DUIs, and are able to conduct business while traveling. Don’t have to worry about parking. Presumably, the pro driver will be less likely to get in accidents.

I wonder how much Tiger the Gimp LOVES driving - if his reconstructed legs will ever be able to manipulate the pedals!

Would your wife LOVE driving if she were running late for an appointment, trying to make time, maybe trying to conduct business at the same time?

I recall a story about Philip Rivers, the long-time quarterback for the then-San Diego Chargers NFL team. He’s obviously a wealthy man but has simple tastes and drives an F-150 pickup. He’s also a devoted family man with a gaggle of kids still at home.

When the team moved from San Diego to Los Angeles he was suddenly facing a 2+ hour drive from his San Diego home each way each workday. His solution was to buy a big SUV, install a video review studio in the back and have a driver haul him to the stadium or practice field in LA while he works on his film review and play rehearsal in the back.

The net result is more usable time at home with family despite the commute. That’s working harder not smarter given big money. The rest of us have to make do with working on the commuter train.

Don’t discount the psychological attachment most Americans have to driving and the “freedom of the road”.

My spouse had a business associate absolutely loaded with money who employed a professional driver (one time we visited his home he actually lent me his driver for the day so I could go sightseeing while the boys worked on a project) who, nonetheless, would sometimes drive himself and his wife/family around on his own.

It’s unlikely that an American capable of driving would ever entirely give up driving.

Yes, I spoilered your offensive term.

But beyond that - there are these things called “hand controls” that Tiger is wealthy enough to have installed on any vehicle he owns.

Don’t knock the commuter train - I did most of my studying for my pilot license written test on the commuter train. Also crocheted two bedspreads, a half dozen baby blankets, studied for a certification my then employer wanted me to have, and read more books than I can count during my time on the train. But yeah, I’m sure an giant SUV of my own would be more comfortable.


“Tiger the Gimp” is inappropriate. This is an official Warning for slurs.

Due to my weird hours I can only rarely make use of our commuter train. But when I do ride it, a lot of 'Doping gets done. And sometimes other reading. My point was only that us schlubs have to settle for more plebian fare, not that time on the train is useless.