Tila Tequila, you so crazy

No, seriously, seek help.

Some recent posts from her blog:

I’ll bet it does, what her with being ritualistically murdered last year.

There being a lot of this kind of stuff…
Why would you think crazies want, or would seek, help ? Even those persuaded by society that they do have mental issues generally have to be nudged hard by authority into entering loony-bins. Thankfully a rather more rigorous standard to entry now prevails than the family paying the dodgy alienist running his asylum for fun and profit — or in Britain at least odd actions or wrong thinking led to where two doctors’ signatures could get you locked up for life in the good old days.
Anyway, insane as it is, that screed is harmless and mild compared to the lies authority itself inculcates and dutiful believers believe.

LOL, I had no idea who Tila Tequila is so I had to Google her.
On the very first page one of the links reads: “Tila Tequila claims Hitler was a good man.”

Sounds like she needs a nice, long relaxing soak with some bath salts.

She sounds mentally ill or on drugs. Or both.

Sounds like she’s already soaking in Bath Salts

Huh. I really thought she was dead for some reason.

I’ll have to update my death pool.

The only thing I really knew about her was that she was on some reality show and the incident with Shawne Merriman in 2009.
Apparently, she had a drug overdose and a brain aneurysm in 2012, followed by rehab.

Is she still called “Tequila”? I could’ve sworn that she’d gone back to calling herself Tila Nguyen (her porn name before she made it big on MTV) sometime last year.

I can’t believe someone named “Morbo” is an anti-necrite, just because she is dead, you are going to make fun of her.

I’ll admit that’s how I came across this. I was checking my 2013 list to see who I’m carrying over to 2014.

Tila’s made the cut.

Meatsuits. I’d see that band.

It always concerns me greatly when someone I never heard of turns out to be a loon. :cool:

No kidding. First it was Arie Campari, then Sandy Brandy, and now this. Stay healthy, Luka Sambuca.

Sounds like standard conspiracy theory crap(satanists, FEMA, zionists).

She was a semi-famous reality show star about five years ago.

Maybe you were confusing her with Casey Johnson, Johnson & Johnson heiress, who Ms. T referred to as “wifey” and who did in fact die a few years ago.

Yes, I remembered that. Want to make something of it?

And we’ll no longer have Tila Tequila to kick around anymore. At least not on Facebook, which has suspended her account.

Tila responds in her blog:

Weren’t Jewbook Shills a klezmer band out of Galveston?