Tim Gunn of Project Runway: A Silver Fox

I’m completely in love with Tim Gunn. Apparently I’m not alone.

Gunn is my gay TV boyfriend!

He is NOT! I totally saw him first.

I couldn’t contain myself and squeaked with glee in the “Ice Skating Costume” contest, when they got him on skates. It was the cutest thing in the whole wide world!

You two can just back off. I’ve got the right parts.

One thing I really like about him is his ability to discern when it’s right to be serious and when it’s right to be playful. He seems to have an exceptionally even temperament, a keen knack for seeing through bullshit, and an enviable mastery of tact. Good guy all around, in my opinion.

I just love his commentaries and podcasts on the show at Bravo. He’s such a great writer. And, as Liberal states both calm and tactful.

He must be one awesome teacher.

You mean he’s gay? I wanted him. :wink:

Carry on.