Time for an NWO/SEM Dopefest?


Anyone from these parts of the US who read my posts about RPGs, may have noticed me mention a little thing called BASH Con.

Well, Bash is coming up on the last weekend in Febuary. And as the University of Toledo Student Union building is a pretty easy place to find (and open to the public that weekend) I figgured it would be a great place to get together. I’ll be playing in the Masquerade LARP (Clan Gangrel)

As we usually go grab a bite at a late hour after all the playing is done I though it would be a great time to get together and get to know one another.

And anyone who wants, I’ll be awaiting your responces so we can do up a better plan than this! I’m looking sooooo forward to meeting my fellow Lake Erie Dopers. And as it is about an hour drive, You NE Hoosiers (Indianians?) are always welcome too!

UncleBeer, Can I count on seeing you too? Maybe?

Last weekend in Feb. meaning the 2/22 & 2/23? Well, you could, except I’m outta town that weekend (and turning to the ripe old age of 41 - yikes!). In fact, I’m outta town most weekends. Girly-friend in Chicago and all that.

The only upcoming weekends I’ll be around this area are:
• Feb 8 and 9
• Mar 8 and 9

Guess I better get that car tuned up, looks like a lot of driving.

Just wanted to say Hi to all you NWO Dopers.

I’m from a tiny town about an hour from Toledo. Thankfully, I escaped (;)) but I do go back once a year for a visit with the family - maybe I can make it to a Toledo Dope one of these days.


Nah, it’s Bryan, Ohio - the only thing it’s semi-famous for it the Etch-A-Sketch & Dum-Dum suckers are made there. It’s close to Defiance, which is slightly less obscure. :slight_smile:

I’d hoped the rersponce would be a bit better but, I guess that just proves how much life Toledo will suck the life out of you.

UncleB, I guess we’re the only NW Ohioans here…(looks around empty room) Well…EMail me, Same name at Yahoo to arrange something. I’ll keep that second weekend in March (8th?) open for you. Hopefully we can get a few more Dopers to stop in.

I think belladonna is from Toledo. At least she’d heard of the Green Derby when I said something about it being torn down to make way for drugstore.

And there’s another guy, DSYoungEsq who doesn’t post very often and then only in the more serious fora.

I have a friend, Sucellus, who’s posted here a few times and still reads the boards occasionally, too. He’s not posted in well over a year though.

So there’s a small number of us around, a couple over in Cleveland, and quite a few in SE Michigan, too. And March 8 sounds good. Even if it’s just you and I. Maybe lunch at Tony Packo’s or something.

Slainte, I know of Bryan and the Ohio Art company, in fact, I sent them a resume last time I was looking for work, oh about 5 ro 6 years ago. They’d advertised a mechanical engineering position in the Toledo Blade. Been through Bryan a few times, don’t think I’ve ever stopped though.

UnckleB you’re a frikkin’ Geenyus! BTW, Thanks for the responce. Paco’s sounds great. I’ll give an Email to the few folks ya’v have listed here and see if there’s any interest there.

March 8th it is. Lunch you say? Lunch it is… 2pm too late for you?
Sounds like a Microdope to me.

2pm on Saturday, March 8th, 2003 it is. I’ll be the guy in the chicken suit and snorkel. That’s a fine time of day. Miss the crowds, both lunch and dinner.

I’ll be the guy in the chicken suit and snorkel—something conservative.

Chicken suit and snorkle sounds about right for the East side…
See ya then.

Did someone mention me? :slight_smile:

I’m totally interested, and the date/time sounds fine to me. Thanks for the heads-up e-mail Telcontar–I’d missed this thread and would have been highly bummed to miss my chance to hit a dopefest only minutes away. It’ll be my first too, so that makes me, like, a cherrydope, right?

Groovy. That’s three of us.

Wow UncleBeer - I thought only people from Bryan knew of it. :wink: You’re not missing anything by not stopping… it’s a nice little town if you want to raise children but that’s about it.

Have fun you three!

** Belladonna** it was no problem. I’m looking forward to meeting you too. I had to mail you. If you know of anyother dopers who live here in the area, Please let me know so I can pop a note to them, or feel free to notify them yourself. Either way, the more the merrier!
I’ve never been to a fest myself, so we’re both virginal. I’m sure UnckleB. will be gentle with us.

Oh and Slainte when you get back in the area, let me know via EMail (Same name @yahoo) And we’ll see what we can do to get together with you. Glad some one got the heck out of this mumblegrumblefrikkafrakkin’* place. I’ll be looking forward to it.

See you all on the 8th!

Oh yea, I ment to ask you UncleB. Did you attend Southview? Reason I ask is I have an old plastic mug from there and I’d love to be able to pass it on to someone who actually attened that school. I went to Maumee, and while Cougars and Pathers are very close, it just dosn’t work for me.

Thanks, TelcontarStorm - will do. I may be back in Ohio in April.

I did escape but I had to join the Air Force to do it :eek:
Amusingly, most people that I met in the military were from Ohio (that should tell you something).

And 2 of the 3 Dopefests that I have been to only had three Dopers, don’t feel bad y’all.

Southview? Nope. I’m a Toledo Public School grad. Roy C. Start H.S.

Damn, the search continues.

Anybody else wanna join us?

'Nother bump. Next weekend . . .