Time machine for sale. Is this guy for real.

What exactly is this pile of junk supposed to do to allow one to time travel? And what are the “grid points” this guy keeps talking about.

I thought the name said it all - HYPERDIMENSIONAL RESONATOR.


No seriously, I think this one is real, who’d have thunk it?, the whole physics community proven wrong by a joker with a curly wire :rolleyes:

Personally, if someone invents a time machine, and isn’t the holder of US Patent #1, they’re either a liar or a fool.

Well, the ordering number is in the local (Omaha) area, should I order something? :wink:


Dear Sir

Please deliver 1(one) time machine to the address above, I will pay you yesterday.

Hmmm…According to the website it runs off of regular
110v AC power…
wait a minute 110v AC POWER! What happens if you
decide to travel outside the boundaries of time where 110v AC power can be had?

Obviously the seller here needs to attach this device to some manner of sports car if they really want it to sell.

Wait a minute! That’s my time machine! I was about to invent it tomorrow!

or Europe

The site in the OP explains that:

The official radionics.org site (#1 Leader in Radionics Technology! ) explains how a radionics machine works:

It looks to me like it’s legal, too. All he promises is this:

Obviously, if you don’t get the results you desired, it must be because you failed to operate it according to instructions.

And if it really gets down to a court battle, what exactly does “projected” mean, anyway?

I can see the operators at the Illinois Attorney General’s Consumer Fraud hotline having a goooood time with this one.

Heh, i remember that thing. He pretty much claims it can do everything, including time travel. However, I don’t believe any specific instructions on how to specifically travel through time are available anywhere on the site. It’s more of a “This device does weird stuff with matter, guys! I’ve used it for time travel…somehow!”

I think this is even better than the famous Alex Chiu bracelets.

Hiryuu’s gonna be PISSED.


Its not called curly wire!!!

They’re called TIME COILS!!!

Get it straight!!!

This thing can’t possibly work.
There is no flux capacitor!!
I may not be an electrical engineer, but even I know that you need a flux capicitor for time travel (specifically one that produces 1.21 jigawatts of power).

You don’t need one. Just reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.

If you want to try out time travel without making the full investment, I have a used machine I’ll let go for half price. It works perfectly, but it’s stuck in forward gear.

And it only goes at one second/second of real time…

Bah, I can deliver the same “out-of-body” experience for half the price, and all I need is a baseball bat.

As a member in good standing of The Sons Of Ether (That’s ether as in the “luminiferous ether” which filled the space between planets until disallowed by vote to alter consensus. We are not sons of ‘eether’ as in anesthetics.) I can tell you that this man and his machine are frauds! ANY point on the time/space grid can be used for time travel. Since this grid(smetimes referred to as quantum foam by physicists) is the underlying structure of our universe, time travel is possible in ANY time/place. UFO’s, whether revealed as weather anomalies or actual extraterrestrial craft are interesting, but have NO relation to time travel. Finally, and most importantly, no Sleeper can travel through time (except of course forward at the rate of 60 seconds per minute).

 This is just part of a looong list of reasons why this guy is a moron. I'd rant some more, but my perpetual-motion-device is once again accelerating past saftey limits.