Time to Pit "Mythbusters".

They really misfired on this one:


A cannonball decided to go on it’s own adventure.

Uh Jamie, someone could get hurt.

Totally unsafe, but on the other hand, totally cool. I like how the sherrifs office confirmed the myth.

Judging by the last three or four Pit threads you’ve started, I think you are mistaking the Pit for MPSIMS.

Weak stuff.

There’s already a Cafe Society thread that’s rougher on them then you are.
Next time raise your voice, shake your fist or use a naughty word or two, o.k.?

I reject your pitting and substitute my own!

from the photos they seem to be pitting themselves.

As long as Kari wasn’t hurt, I’m okay with this.

Took you a while to come up with that one, did it?

Ha! :smiley:



She should definitely get into a bikini to apologize. Actually, since the people in the house don’t seem interested, she can apologize to me. I’m not that far down 880.

Ok, now I’m inspired.

What’s the matter with those douche bags, Jamie and that other dickwad . . . yea, him. They look like two misfits who spent their youth drinking everything in the chem lab.

Firing a cannon anywhere near a residential area is pretty fucking stupid, especially for guys that make their career out of trying to impress us with how smart they are. Too bad they weren’t testing the myth of the circus performer having a cannon ball bounce off his stomach by testing it on themselves.

I’ll bet those two have issues with penis size. If they can even find theirs they probably spend hours comparing with each other back in the dressing room.

I’ll bet their favorite websites are “Fucking Machines”, “Chicks with Dicks” and “The Sandusky Diaries”.

Kari, you’re too nice to hang out with those two insufferable shitheads. I’ll save you.

Now is that better?

They were on a range the police use for bomb testing. (I had no idea it was anywhere near a residential area, but I guess it has to be near something.) I am pretty sure they’ve fired cannons there before, and the police evidently didn’t have a problem with it, although I expect this is the last time they’ll do anything like this on that site. They screwed up, but it’s not as incomprehensible as all that. Either way, your thread is redundant and this effort to amp it up is half-hearted at best.


Now if he had included something about handlebar mustaches and cocksuckery he might has made a respectable go of this.

Dangerous, yeah, but the only harm done was to property which I’m sure the producers (or more likely their production insurance) are paying to repair in full. While it will be an inconvenience to the homeowners, they now have an awesome story to tell for the rest of their lives. How many people can say they once awoke to the sound of a cannonball crashing through their house? I’d say it was an unintentional win.

You’re being way too harsh on Grant and Tory. :smiley:

They don’t seem to think it’s so awesome because someone could’ve been killed. Maybe later on they’ll feel differently. (I might, but I’m a fan.) The show’s insurance is going to pay for whatever damage/lawsuit costs are out there, I expect.

But they weren’t, so… ?

So they got lucky. You can see where maybe they are not going to think this is awesome regardless.

MythBusters appeals to the lowest common denominator who enjoys the pointless reality TV drama of fake competitions and half of each episode involves recapping what happened before the last commercial. They test things that anyone who reads more than the menu at Denny’s would already know. Half their experiments are flawed. Its fanbase’s drooling towards the only female cast member is depressing. It is representative of the decline of general science/history/“edutainment” shows over the last decade.

Well, except the time they shot frozen chickens at an airplane window. That was kinda neat.