Tiny MS Word Template

Suddenly the template in MS Word, as part of MS office Professional 2000 has become very tiny. I cannot even read what I type, although I can produce documents. I can’t figure out what happened or how to undo it, and cannot figure out what to even search for in help. Can anyone tell me how to fix it so I can see what I am typing?

Is the font size tiny or the zoom percentage small? I have no idea of your skill level; so I’m going to treat you as a beginner. If you are more advanced, I apologize in advance for stating the obvious.

  1. You should see something on your toolbar that displays something like 100%. That’s your zoom percentage. If it displays something like 25%, click on the field, enter something like 100, and press enter.

  2. If that isn’t it, click on some document text and check the font size; that’s the number that appears next to the font. Your tool bar might display something like Times New Roman and then the number 10. If you click on the document text, and the font size is something like six, you need to modify your styles so that they use larger font sizes. For example, you might modify the Normal style to use a font size of ten. Modifying styles is easy once you get the concept down. Explaining the concept, however, would take a lot of time.

  3. Does the behavior occur in all your templates? Click on the File menu and select New. Try opening a number of the different templates. Does the tiny font problem occur with each template?

Thanks, it was the zoom percentage. I never touched it, didn’t even know it was there, but following your advice found it and fixed my page.