Tiny, unimportant things that folks get all bothered about

On Facebook, and elsewhere, even here, some people get all het up about things that don’t really matter.

For example: Which way the toilet paper rolls goes, over, or under. Dudes have posted memes that call the "unders’ “Chaotic Evil” and worse.

One or two spaces at the end of sentences. Does it really matter?

Comic Sans- okay, hardly the best font for a business letter, but geez, why go on and on and on about it?

“Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?” Well, it is set during the Christmas season, but it isn’t about Christmas. So, it depends on how you define Christmas movie", doesn’t it? And, really not important anyway.

Okay SDMBers, I know you all have more.

Based on life experience, over does not work well with a playful kitten in the house, which is when I’ll do under. I don’t get that worked up about it, though.

Not to me. I have even less opinion about “Die Hard” (don’t think I’ve ever watched that) or Comic Sans. All the fuss over these items is a bit overblown, IMO.

Crunchy or smooth peanut butter.

I would go so far as to say I don’t trust smooth pb people, but my older daughter is one, and I’m favorably disposed toward her. So I guess I’m in a bind on that one.

Yeah, I had a cat like that too.

I prefer crunchy, but if you are a “smoothie” :wink: that’s okay by me. Good example.

That’s where I am on peanut butter. Prefer crunchy, but don’t mind smooth, don’t care what someone else prefers.

Mayonnaise vs. Miracle Whip. I personally find MW a vile affront to food, but I don’t care if someone else is eating the stuff, I just don’t want it in MY food.

Particularly here in the Chicago area: putting ketchup on a hot dog.

Granted, I think a lot of the “outrage” is just flashing one’s Chicagoan creds (and repeating a meme), but even so, who cares?

I don’t trust the people who came up with the abomination that is deep dish “pizza” with any gustatory decision making, really. Living on the flats has made Midwesterners pretty wacky.

The only thing I really get bothered about is when someone refers to my Jeep as a car. It is a JEEP, thank you very much.

Complaining about Wal Mart.

Ok man you don’t like Wal Mart’s business practices. Don’t shop there.

You don’t like the type of people who shop at Wal Mart. Don’t shop there.

They’re always out of stock of what you came to get. Don’t shop there.

You can’t deal with self checkout. Don’t shop there.

The parking lot is messy. Don’t shop there.

People steal from there. Not your problem but ok, don’t shop there.

It’s not like we’re in a rural area and WM is the only game in town. There’s several grocery stores and Targets within a 10-minute drive. Obviously you only see the shit at Wal Mart BECAUSE YOU ARE IN WAL MART.

Another good example. Kids like to put ketchup on everything, and many adults don’t grow out of it. Which is okay, but I admit I look a little askance at them.

A buddy of mine likes to post his BLT with MW, and others go ecch! I don’t care about this, myself, but I only use mayo on a blt anyway.

Yeah, they, Disney, and Amazon tend to be the targets of whining and bitching. They are big and successful as they are good at giving customers what they want.

Clapping on the “2 and 4” versus “1 and 3”

1) it goes over 2) one space 3) Comic Sans sucks 4) Gremlins is the best Christmas movie

I think the things the OP mentions are tiny and unimportant, but people aren’t really serious about being bothered about them - it’s just fun. The whole ketchup/hot dog thing and the over/under toilet paper thing are a safe way for us to divide ourselves into cliques without really being divisive - it’s a way to mock others who actually do seek to divide-up people into “us” and “them”. When I clicked on this thread I was thinking we’d be discussing more serious and bothersome tiny and unimportant things. :crazy_face:

Elenor Roosevelt was right: “nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent,” and Wisconsinites will not be shamed for consuming Korbel brandy. It’s perfectly acceptable for brandy old fashions.

Speaking of Wisconsin, as someone who grew up in Green Bay, this is a tiny, unimportant thing that does really bother me, particularly when I watch Packer games on TV, and hear announcers butcher the city’s name.

It’s not pronounced “GREENbay.” It’s not one word. It’s two separate one-syllable words, each of which gets equal stress: “Green” and “Bay.”

And, for that matter, it’s “wis-CON-sən,” not “WEST-con-sən.” It’s not West, and there’s no “Eastconsin,” either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Likewise, there is never, ever, any shorthand for San Francisco.

One of our cats will play with the roll no mater which way it faces. Over gets unrolled whereas under gets shredded, so our rolls stand on end in a paper towel holder.

I don’t understand the fuss over New York-style hot dogs versus Chicago-style hot dogs. They’re both pompous, overwrought monstrosities.

Nineteen posts so far–and nobody has mentioned the most important issue of all:
pineapple on pizza !!