Tiny, unimportant things that folks get all bothered about

Fine with either, but you’d better not put any salt or sugar in it…

Salt on watermelon.

Beans in chili.

“Should you be able to use your phone during the previews of a movie?”

Because obviously yes, those are literally just ads it doesn’t matter just as long as you shut it off before the actual movie.

People that get themselves whipped into a frenzy over what is or isn’t canon in a fictional universe.

My favorite has always been the kind where the whole list of ingredients is “Peanuts.”

Followed, of course, by “Allergy warning: may contain peanuts.”

The superiority complex of those east coast west coast types who see Midwest types as inferior.


Of course there is. The City.

This is the only example in the thread that spasms my colon, but I cannot articulate why.


Correct, but that’s mainly used by locals in the surrounding area. I was referring to “Frisco” and “San Fran”.

“The City” is obviously London.

San Fran is in Cali. Wherever THAT is.
Frisco is in Texas.

i kinda flip out over toast that is not toasty enough- it must not get mushy when buttered, NO must stay toasty.
And when coffee isnt hot enough NO must be scorching, I will suffer burns if I so choose.

Yes. Just a wee sprinkle of salt on watermelon and fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes.

I’m with it and for it.

I must be some sort of pizza whore because I’ll take almost any of them. Chicago style deep dish, New York thin crust, California, Detroit, or Sicily don’t matter because it’s all delicious. And while I don’t care for pineapple on my pizza, I’m not offended by it either.

Using or not using the word “the” before a highway number.


“I’m driving north on 101.”


“I’m driving north on the 101.”

Who cares?

It marks you as a local or non-local, which is important to pigeonholing. On the west coast only Southern California says “the”, except for in the Bay Area the route of what was a Spanish colonial road is invariably redundantly referred to as “The El Camino” (Its name is El Camino Real, royal road).