Tipping at Pizza takeout.

I went to a “delivery and carryout only” Pizza Hut today, and noticed that there was a tip jar, and the worker asked me to “fill out” a credit card receipt instead of “sign” it, and they’ve added a line for a tip. I know you’re supposed to tip delivery drivers, but are you now supposed to tip the person that pulls you pizza out of the warmer and rings you up. I did notice too that the guy asked if I needed mozarella or red pepper packets, which has never happened before, so I wonder if Pizza Hut cut their wages and invited them to started trolling for tips instead?

I don’t feel like I’m suppose to tip at pizza take out, but I usually do. Whether their wages have been cut or not, they’re not very high. If I’m picking up a $20 pizza, I can spare a few bucks for the people who prepared it.

If I have to go in and collect my pizza, the counter-jockeys get bupkis. OTOH, I tip delivery drivers quite well.

Yeah, me too. This tip jar thing is getting way too prevalent. From Starbucks to Subway to drive through beer joints, I am seeing them everywhere now. Its depressing in a way I can’t really define. I hate to feel pressure to leave a tip for someone that’s making at least minimum wage for doing something that’s out of what used to be the normal context of what type of job is a tipped profession.

I hate to sound like a Scrooge, and I am a pretty handsome tipper, but in the environments that I am accustomed to doing so: restaurants. delivered food, bars, porters, bellhops, etc.

I ignore tip jars, and I don’t tip when I pick up my pizza. If I had a huge order or something, I might consider tipping, but for a pizza and maybe an order of wings? No tip, no guilt.

Same here. I do not tip for takeout, whether it be pizza, barbecue, whatever.

You just noticed this? The tip line has been going on for several years, the jar much longer. I may throw my change in the jar. I pretend I didn’t see the tip line and skip that BS. I’ll tip if I want to, but that makes people think it’s obligate.

Never, ever, ever will I use a tip jar. I only tip where tipping is part of the wages earned, like waiter, bartender, valet, food delivery, etc.

I don’t tip if I’m picking something up myself. But, I feel obligated to mention, that the tip line is there because the store has it turned on for the drivers. They likely only have one credit card terminal and tips are either set to on or off (on in this case). Don’t get me wrong, they have a tip jar and I’m sure they’re more then happy to accept your tip by credit card as well, but they don’t turn the tip line on and off on a transaction by transaction basis, you have to go into the terminal’s settings to do that.
Of course, I assume (but don’t know) that places like Starbucks have the tip line turned on as well.

Tip jars are for bartenders. I tip for food when someone brings it to my table or house, not to the till.

I will sometimes tip a dollar or two for pickup, depending on my mood. What did bother me last week I went to pick up a pizza at a neighborhood place. The pizza was $14 and some change I handed the teenage girl at the counter a $20 bill and she ask me if I wanted change.

That’s a bit of a leap (43% on a pick up) BUT, when my ex-wife was in culinary school she was taught that you never ask “Do you want the change?” you always say “I’ll be right back with your change” and let the customer tell you to keep it. After she told me that, it always bugged me when I hear a waiter/waitress ask me if I want the change.

This, I have been a dishwasher, cook, bartender and server, so I tend to tip generously, even at buffets, however if a server asks if I want change…drives me crazy…let me say keep the change.

Tip jars…come on if you are doing the pick up. Why??

There’s a few places where I’ve seen tip jars that I’ve guessed that the cashiers/employees put it there themselves and the managers or owner either hadn’t noticed it or didn’t have the nerve to throw it away and tell them to knock it off…or just didn’t realize that it might be insulting to the customers.

Nah, never tip on takeout unless I am a regular and get drinks or something now and then while there.

I work at one of these. We do not have a tip jar in the store. The CSR (or whoever happens to be at the register) doesn’t solicit tips. (They do offer the mozarella or CRP packs.) There is the line on the credit card slip though, just like the ones that the drivers use. If a carryout customer gives a tip it goes to the cooks.

When I deliver pizza I as credit card customers to “sign” it. (Those who are going to tip know how to do so.)

Hell, on a delivery of ~$14 I’d ask how much change the customer wanted from a $20. If the price was more around ~$17 - 19 I’d ask if they wanted change (This is not based on formal training). Asking if you want your $6 change on a carryout is pretty ballsy.

I’m pretty sure that any pizza manager that I’ve had would nix the tip jar. I think it’s kinda tacky.

OTOH, there are 2 kinds of people who don’t tip: Cheap bastards, and those who just don’t know*. I can kind of understand why a hairdresser would want to put out a subtle reminder to the 2nd type.

  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to tell a little kid “Ask your parents about tipping when they get home.”

Tipping at places like Subway is kind of ridiculous. Everyone working at places like that is making at least minimum wage. Waitresses and delivery people make less than minimum wage because it’s expected they’ll make it up in tips, which is why I always tip them.

I think I’m a decent tipper, usually around 20% for delivery or waiters. But I don’t tip when I do carry out. Pretty much the whole reason I do carry out is if I want to save money on tips and delivery fees.

This is it exactly. Service staff depend on tips to make a living wage or at least minimum. Plus, their business is to cater specifically to your needs. Counter staff making at least minimum wage just processing orders? Fugheddaboudit.

I consider myself a good tipper; I appreciate good service and the effort it takes to wait tables or deliver food or style hair. But I ain’t tipping a fast food cashier making $9.00 an hour.