Tired of all those liberal ideals? Well....

I don’t think I will be alone in saying that the SDMB has a very large ‘liberal’ population. In fact it seems to me that the majority of people who post here are, like me, quiet liberal in their views.

Now one thing about me is that when I am involved in a debate I always look for a ‘devil’s advocate’ and if there isn’t one I take up the role. So today I was thinking: are there any intelligent right-wing web sites out there? Well there are…kinda.

Check this out:

It is great. In the spec of one page they diss the rainforests, environmentalists and Bono’s attempts to fight world poverty.

While it is disturbing to see points of view that are so different it has certainly given me a wake-up call.

Your comments please.

I strongly advocate that people seek out divergent viewpoints to get a fuller perspective on the issues, so kudos for that. I am inclined to think, however that the majority of people who identify as right-wing or conservative probably are not as far-left as that site seems to represent. The fact that the site is called rightwingnews.com seems to suggest that they’re not as fair and balanced as, oh… say Fox News. :smiley:

I work with a really nice guy who used to be a producer at CBS News. He’s conservative and had some comments about there being a liberal slant on the reporting that he was seeing while he was there. When I asked him if there were any mainstream sources he thought were “even,” he cited USAToday. But mainly, his suggestion was to go to several sources that cover the spectrum. Hey, whoever said being informed was easy!

If it matters: Though I try to be centrist, I always find myself leaning left.