Tired of sex in a bed?

Try the luvseat. Yep, for 700 bucks, you can have sex in a chair.

Well, I thought it was funny.

Seriously save your money and go for the good old drive-in movie feel, sex in that back seat after ya fogged up the windows…'course this one is more fun with 2 people.

People save your money. Do you realize how many dildos,vibrators, cock rings and porn you could buy with $700?

A nice sturdy ottoman will do nicely. Trust me.

(btw, you could check out Sue Duhnym’s next garage sale, I heard she just may have something to sell)

I’d buy her device if she came with it to demonstrate its use :smiley:

Was I the only one that was slightly disturbed that the chair can hold up to 500 lbs? Makes you wonder, 500 lbs of what?

I didn’t know you needed a special chair in order to have sex in other places besides the bed. I’ll have to refrain from all sex except that which occurs in the bed until I recieve that attractive, versatile chair. . . Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Yeah, I can just see myself explaining that thing to my parents the next time they come to visit the Den of Iniquity.

“Come in! Have a seat. No! Not there!

I’ll stick to my inflatable. Chair! Inflatable chair, you sickos! (Hmmm… has it been four to eight weeks yet?)