Tired of Strollers designed for midgets...

can anyone find/point me to a store which sell accessories for taller people? Now, just to illuminate, I’m only 6’, but I find that pushing my kids in their strollers is sheer murder on my back. I’m looking for something to attach to the handles on my kids strollers. Granted, by fall this may be a moot point, as Deirdre (age 1) is toddling nicely, and almost ready for walking full time. Rick (2) walks like a pro, and insists on pushing his Sister. Which would be cool if he could steer.

Oh well, thanks for any help. I’ll go scour google more.

I’m only 5’4" and they hurt MY back, so you’re not alone. :rolleyes:

I think I saw in a catalog somewhere a device you attach to your stroller to extend it, but I couldn’t tell you where I saw it. A lot of help I am huh? :slight_smile:


Granted this is an expense, but if you plan on having more children one day, you may want to look into the strollers that are designed for joggers/runners.
Not only do these typically take a lot less energy to push (better design and better wheels), I have seen some that have adjustable handle heights and angles.
For your current problem… don’t limit your solution shearch to strollers… I would bet that someone out there makes extenders for lawnmowers and other tools (sorry ladies… but men tend to be taller then women… and lawn tools people tend to cater to men) and something like that may be adaptable to your stroller (depending on model)


I’ve seen clip-on stroller extenders in The Right Start catalog. Their website is http://www.therightstart.com .

Here’s a link to the product itself:

(hope that works, might have to c&p it)
It’s called stroller extension handles, and the product number is 03330047. $15.95 is the price.

I’m only 5’ 10" and they hurt my back, too! I thought they were making them for the average sized woman, but since they hurt Tracie, too, I’m thinking they make them for the average sized circus midget.

You know what else gets me about strollers? They don’t make a model for five and six year old children. Don’t laugh, my five year old can walk just fine, just not nearly as fast as I can. I like to go walking for fitness, and it would make it so much easier on me if I could just strap him in and go, instead of a) walking at a snails pace, or b)trying to find someone to babysit. It doesn’t help that I have a very tall child who outgrew the stroller (literally) by age 3 1/2. The closest thing I can find is a child’s size wheelchair, but somehow I can’t see using that for a ablebodied kid.

I have some very recent experience with this.

There are two kinds of stroller that I looked at for Junior. One was the kind with a single pistol grip handle. It seems to work nicely. The other, you could extend the handles by releasing some set screws. That way, I didn’t kick the bottom of the stroller with every step.

Now, if they can make a carseat that fits well behind the driver’s seat in my truck, then I’d be happy.

Oh, I can write volumes about this.

I want a stroller that isn’t $15,000 Dollars (leather seats? AC? 8 way reclining seats?), but is sturdy. I’ve noticed cheapo umbrella strollers will wear out fast. I’ve dreamed about making one out of aircraft grade aluminum and having a ground clearance of about 5 inches. Sturdy wheels, ball bearings, easy to turn…

Oh well… I can dream :slight_smile:
BTW – Thanks for the link! I never heard of that place! :slight_smile:

Wonderful! I, too, have been desperately scouring the stores in my hometown in search of some sort of extenders for our stroller handles. We have a “bigger” stroller that is fine, with an adjustable handle; but we also have a smaller stroller that is easier to toss in the car and take with us… I can NOT push this thing without hunching over like a freakish oddity.

I’ve tried the ones designed for joggers, but if you’re going to a store or a shopping mall or anywhere else where there are lots of people, sometimes those big jogging strollers are just so large and cumbersome that they can be a pain. However, my cousin has one of these and she still uses it with her 5 year old. You might try that tatertot… they’re pretty sturdy, and it sounds like they might suit your needs well… the big ones with one big front wheel and two big back wheels. Just a thought.

I swear, every day there is at least one thread addressing your most urgent needs around this place!

I agree that we need a stroller that is sturdy but not big and bulky. Maybe we should design one… ?

The Right Start catalog… Yes, that’s the one I saw the extensions in, thanks!

The strollers that really hurt me are the cheapie umbrella ones. Those are definitely designed for vertically challenged people, including my 8 year old (who can maneuver one of those with the best of 'em!). They should design those better because they are handy and convenient, especially for short trips.

We got a Graco stroller at Target a couple years ago and it’s much easier on my back. I can even get my 6’2" husband to push it without much complaint so they are getting a little better. :slight_smile:


Not only is The Right Start a good source, they also seem to always be offering 20% off. If I only had the damn code handy…
If you have the patience, you can probably get the coupon code at flamingoworld.com. or at mycoupons.com.

JESUS! I fricking SWORE I’d never be one of those people who posted coupon sites! ARGH!!!

[Runs out of room to set self on fire]

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