Tisiphone Gets Out (and wants to assess her chances of a Dopefest...)

just one, just one little one, okay? Pleeeeeeeeeeeez?

I just got approval for some geek courses, that necessitate my exposure to Outside influences. In other words, I’m gettin’ all-expense-paid expeditions to Vancouver in September and Edmonton in November.

I’d really really like to meet some Dopers while I’m Out.

All post-count evidence aside, I really am a (mildly) entertaining conversationalist, and all around Good Person To Know, honest. Scotticher will vouch for me, I’m sure. I can take a joke, and tell 'em, and the only way you’ll ever hear the tale of the Hells Angels VS Carcross, Yukon, is in person.

: Bambi eyes:


Yeah, I know it’s unbecoming of a Doper to grovel, (unless there’s sex involved), but I’m desperate. All these get-togethers, and I can’t afford to get to ANY of 'em.

Well, as much as I enjoy DopeFests, I’m thinking Canada in November is just friggin’ suicide for a slightly Southern boy like me. So, unfortunately, I will respectfully decline the invite. The sex we can discuss. :wink:

And you couldn’t pick something close, like Winnipeg? Edmonton’s a 24-hour drive away!

Still, I like cold, I like winter, and I like snow. I’ll start hopin’ that I can make it up there then.


What is this pick thing?

At the moment, I go whither The Company sends me, since I am usually Without Extra Funds. They choose to send me to the nearest location in which the required courses are available. I tried for SoCal, or even the Bay Area, but apparently it costs extra…and I haven’t seen my immigration certificate in ten years.

S’pose I should do something about that…

Unfortunately, Superdude, adorable though you are, we would only be able to discuss sex in the abstract. Mostly since my husband frowns on that sort of thing, and he has a most scary frown on top of that 6’2" frame…[sub]no, really. I DO have the proverbial large husband.[/sub] However, I might be in the market for a Trophy Husband in a couple years, got a CV? :wink:

lno, a mere 24-hour drive is as nothing, when you get to experience my wit, charm, and sparkling personality at the end of it. Of course, you are speaking to someone who has to drive almost that long to reach practically ANYWHERE. Heh. You like snow and cold? :evil grin: Feel free to come up here for a visit… January’s good…:smiley:

Well, I’m with ya when you’re in Edmonton…Horray for Edmonton!


One definite and a maybe for Edmonton! Now, here’s the options: since my courses run from November 4-8, I can be there either the weekend before, or stay the weekend after. Doesn’t matter to me…:smiley:

Sorry, kiddo. Both spots are rather too far, and I’m unlikely to be hitting either one on travel this year.

Cool about the classes, though! :slight_smile:

Hey Tisiphone, it’s cool to hear about the classes. Any chance your Vancouver stint will be anywhere close to my birthday? (like I need an excuse to celebrate being yet another year older) By the way, just for reference purposes, my birthday is the 17th of September. Even if it’s not close, I’ll see what happens. However, I am booked on Sept. 21… I have a dear friend’s wedding and banquet to go to. Let me know about this!


See, the EVIL EMPIRE[sup]TM[/sup] would never send anyone where it has even the remotest chance of being warm.

Sorry I can’t be there, tisiphone. If I were still in Alberta, I’d make the trip up to Edmonchuk.

S’alright, Tranquilis. I know how busy you are. Who knows, we may actually get to be on the same course sometime, eh?

Flamsterette, how coincidental! My course in Vancouver runs the 16th to the 20th of September. :smiley: Shouldn’t be a problem to book me in the Friday before. We’ll discuss this further…

And Ginger, being as how you were a Calgarian/Northerner, I really do appreciate the true magnitude of that offer. :wink: Oh, by the way, check this comic strip out. It’s called True North, and it came out right about the time you and WeirdDave started to ramp up wedding plans. I found it absolutely hilarious. Dunno if the weird one will find it quite as amusing, though…:smiley:


D’ya think these events, now that there’s at least two Dopers involved at each location, are worthy of their own threads, with like, descriptive titles and everything?
fixed wonky coding - ub

Whooop, whooop, whooop, Coding Errors!

Good thing there’s a compiler to catch me when I program, eh?

And no, I don’t want to talk about how much time I spend hunting for the mismatched parentheses…

Tisiphone, I just looked at my calendar… you do realize that the Friday before is a Friday the 13[sup]th[/sup], right? cue spooky Twilight Zone-ish music Just kidding, it really shouldn’t be all THAT bad. Nothing ever really happens on that day… mostly, anyhow. Right? :smiley: As you’ve said, we’ll discuss this later.


What can I say? My eldest son was born on a Friday the 13th…we’re still reserving judgement. :wink:

And thank you EVER so much, UncleBeer. That was just so, so embarrassing. :o

I’m in for Vancouver!

(And yes, these really do need their own threads. Since you’re calling them, go for it.)

Hey rjk, if you’re in for Vancouver, it will be very nice meeting you again. And yes, I promise to talk more than I did last time. :smiley:

now I’m wondering whether I should have made it a promise with 20,000 other people on this board as witnesses… :eek:


Glad to hear it, Flam! I’ll look forward to seeing you again, especailly since you’ve promised to talk this time. :wink: