Titus (the TV series)

Don’t know if anyone’s interested, but it’s out on DVD!

Lotta cool extras, too! And I’ll get to see the episodes I missed. I can’t order it just yet, since HPatHBP takes precedence, natch, but I will soon!

I really liked that show. It was funny, clever, and one of the few shows that admits that sometimes families really are that dysfunctional.

One of my friends was amazingly prescient about how it would end. His prediction was that the very last scene of the last episode would have Chris in the “neutral zone”—the b/w scenes in the empty room with the overhead bulb—and in the last shot, the camera would pull back to reveal that he was in an institution. IIRC, that is how they ended it.

Oh, man, why did I read that spoiler??!! I’m so mad at myself!
I loved that show, and was never sure what happened to it. Around here, they just simply stopped airing it. I heard an interview with Christopher Titus at the time, and he seemed to think they would eventually start airing it again, but it never really happened.
off to look up the DVD

Well, I did say IIRC. So perhaps I don’t RC. So now you’ll have to check out the DVDs to see if I was right! :wink:

Funny, albeit twisted, show. Having the totally hot Cynthia Watros doesn’t hurt, either.

My son and I saw the star of the show, Christopher Titus, at a theater in Birmingham, AL back in 2001. He was much funnier in person than on his show. It was the funniest night of stand up I had ever seen, and remained so until I saw Mitch Hedberg shortly before his death.

Titus was consistently underrated as a comedy. It really came home to me in the episode where there appeared to be a good chance Titus might have contracted AIDS, and the damn thing was funny! That’s superior comedy.

And any show with Scut Farkus deserves honors. :wink:

I tried to watch the show when it was first run, but Fox, in it’s infinite wisdom, kept moving and/or pre-empting it. Now that I can watch it on DVD, I get to see some eps that I missed the first time. Like “Intervention”: Titus and the gang try to get Papa Titus to start drinking.

They do so, but only end fighting up with each other, much to Papa’s delight.


Yeah the AIDS test episode was great. A good mix of smart and slapstick comedy on that show.

And hell Stacy Keach… I love me some Stacy Keach

Stupid Fox. This show is hilarious!

Just finished the DVD set (it covers the first two season) and the show holds up quite well.

There was one episode where Titus is in a coma after a horrific drag racing accident. For nearly the entire episode, he’s in a hospital bed with tubes stuck in him while his family deals with “pulling the plug”. You wouldn’t think there’d be anything funny about this, but in this case, there’s a lot of laughs. Especially watching Dave and Tommy trying get Titus to wake up (most of which happens in the background).

Stacy Keach (born in Savannah, btw) was a perfect choice to play the womanizing, hard drinking father.

I hope the sales are high enough to warrant the third season to be released.

I didn’t get to see it very often (sense a theme here?), but I did like this show a lot. It’d be great if it picks up more fans this way.

I saw most of his special, “Norman Rockwell is Bleeding” on HBO last week. Struck me as being a lot darker than the series and it sure didn’t leave you feeling good, but it was intense and funny.