WUSSY! - a Titus thread

Early on, the FOX network had many interesting programs that should have had a longer life. One sitcom, ‘Titus’, was a semi-autobiographical take on a dysfunctional family. It only lasted 3 seasons but it’s still a great source for one-liners and crazy antics.

Fortunately, YouTube has all the episodes available - be sure to start with “Dad’s Dead” then “Sex with Pudding”.

Stacy Keach is always going to be Papa Titus, no matter what he appears in.

Dave is, well, Dave.

A classic clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEkwE4LXgIQ

Funny, I just thought of Titus the other day after not having thought of it in years. :slight_smile: I miss it. Thanks for the tip on it being in youtube.

Did he ever do anything else?

Whatever happened to that sequel they were planning to make?

Quite a few stand-up specials that were both well-received and intensely funny.

And this is the show that gave us Cynthia Watros. Introduced ME to her, anyway. What a gorgeous woman. Though her stint on “Lost” was more memorable.

I loved Titus, and I love his stand-up specials. Everyone once in a while, I’ll hear one of his bits on one of the XM Comedy channels.

Since we can watch YouTube on our TV, we will be rewatching the series. Thanks!!

He has a weekly podcast, is working on getting a movie into production and still tours as a stand-up.

Plus, didja notice that his brother on the show was the one and only Old Yellow Eyes, Scut Farkus?

Actually, no. :eek:

I loved that show. It didn’t hurt that Christoper Titus was hot as the sun either!

Titus was a brilliant show. It proved it when one episode was dealing with AIDS and yet was still laugh-out-loud funny.

Titus’s real father was much like he appeared on the show: when it was in development, his family was asked to sign releases before it went on. His father refused until the gave him a new truck.

Titus is a regular on my Pandora comedy station. I heard him this morning in fact, and I think he’s funny every time.

“My dad said: When I die I want you to cremate me, put my ashes in douche, find a hooker, and run me through one more time!” One of those things that make you go ewwww…hmmmm…"

Titus had a funny episode revolving centered around the rape of a teenage girl. I don’t even know how that’s possible, but they did it.

I was big fan of the show, and now I’m a big fan of his stand up. I try to catch it whenever he’s in the Atlanta area. He was also on a program that I thought showed a lot of promise called Big Shots. I think it was part the victim of the writers strike and I also think Titus though the title of the show helped do it in. It was really good. The guy has gone through a TON of personal tragedy and his way of coping with it is through comedy. His sister and mom both committed suicide.

I found the DVDs of the show in my mailbox one day.

Moral of the story? Don’t go on Amazon drunk…

Cynthia Watros was the first thing I thought of upon reading the thread title. Gorgeous woman.

Via https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Real-Christopher-Titus

Dammit. :mad:

Link didn’t work, so here’s a direct link to the comment in question.

She’s pretty, but that long neck of hers, especially first season where she wore her hair down in a way that covered her front inner shoulders, making her neck look even longer.

What I find interesting is that so many of the characters look and sound like other actors. Titus looks and sounds like Matt Frewer (from Max Headroom), Dave sounds and looks like Seth Green, and Erin looks and sounds like Kathy Greenwood (from Whose Line)–but with a longer neck. It isn’t as close as the others, but Dad/Ken resembles Jack Nicholson. Tommy’s the only main character left whose twin I haven’t identified. (I’m not counting the girl who comes in later, as I’m not there yet.)