Tivo Season Pass - Midsummer Edition

Now that everybody is in re-runs, and the smaller networks roll out their summer offerings, what does your Tivo Season Pass List look like? Ours has:

Eureka (SciFi)
Psych (USA)
Burn Notice (USA)
Dinner: Impossible (Food Network)
Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Food Network)
Throwdown with Bobby Flay (Food Network)
Cathouse, Season Two (HBO)
Masters of Science Fiction (ABC)
Feasting On Asphalt, The River Run (Food Network)
Flash Gordon (SciFi)
Iron Chef America (Food Network)

So what’s on your list this summer?

Damages (FX)
Burn Notice (haven’t watched a single episode yet) (FX)
Mad Men (AMC)
Masters of Science Fiction (ABC Family)

right now the ONLY shows I am watching right now are:

Entourage – best show on TV right now
Rescue Me – not as great as it used to be…getting really weird, but they film the show in my neighborhood, so it’s always fun to see the scenery. The new show New Amsterdam is also currently filming on my street.
Last Comic Standing – hey, it’s funny, with most of the reality show motions that plagued the early seasons completely gone. Big black diabetic guy all the way!!!

I was tivoing Ice Road Truckers for a while, but it was starting to get very repetitive. There do look to be some interesting new shows airing, and I still need to catch up on the previous seasons of Eureka and The Closer, but if you refer to the What’s up with this phenomenon? (Won’t watch TV … but will watch TV shows on DVD.) thread, you’ll know that I am taking a very strict stand against watching ANY new shows, both in the summer and fall, until 1) they are confirmed to either be renewed, or to have an ACTUAL ending (Traveller, which I didn’t start watching until the series ended, was left on a cliffhanger, with no resolution, which is something I’m trying to avoid now) and 2) they’ve had a good enough run that I can watch a weekend’s worth of episodes if I get hooked (meaning I’ll probably catch up with the returning fall shows over Christmas break).

Yeah, I loved this show in the first season or two, but it has really gone downhill. I’m still watching, but I don’t know, I’m just not real happy–especially with how they ended the last episode. Feh.

Burn Notice–I’m enjoying this one; the pilot was pretty uneven, and it’s still not gonna win any awards, but very entertaining, and my husband loves IDing the various Miami locations.

Standoff–I just noticed there aren’t any more scheduled to record, and I don’t know if that was the end of the first season, or it’s been canceled again.

I just set up a pass for The Two Coreys. We’ll see how that goes. Also remember that they are playing new episodes of The Nine.

I’m done with The Nine. ABC has already stated that watching their remaining filmed-but-not-aired episodes isn’t going to get you any closer to a conclusion. I did watch the summer episodes of Standoff, and I’m sorry to say, but it was yanked in May, so there won’t be any more eps. I enjoyed that show, and since it wasn’t a serial, it was easier to let go of.

For programming actually giving something new:

Ace of Cakes
Top Chef (more El Perro Fumando’s choice than mine)
The Company - miniseries on TNT, adapted from the book of the same name. For now I’m just recording the miniseries while I read the book. Once the book’s done in a couple of weeks, I’ll watch it all in a go.

I’m probably forgetting some others.

Let’s see . . .

Eureka - check
Psych - check
Burn Notice - check (was just informed of its existence, and am very happy)

Doctor Who
Survivorman (I think they’re reruns but we missed them first time round)
Big Love

John from Cincinnati and Painkiller Jane are on there, but I’m not watching them - it’s half inertia, and half my husband might watch them.

We are also rewatching BtVS, Arrested Development, and Brimstone.

Big Love
The 4400
Mad Men
The Company

I wish I had checked out Army Wives and The Starter Wife

Big Love
The Closer
Flight of the Conchords
Dr. Who

Over the summer we’ve been renting **Extras **and the American version of The Office, and re-watching Arrested Development.

I’ve also got Design Star from HGTV.

And there are new Survivorman episodes coming up this week!

Big Love
So You Think You Can Dance
Don’t Forget the Lyrics (hey…it’s summer…don’t judge me!)

I just added 30 Rock, after catching a rerun for the first time. LOLd in several occasions, so it was definitely worth a season pass. (I picked the wrong SNL-based series to back last fall…)

I WILL judge you for watching Don’t Forget The Lyrics instead of The Singing Bee. If you have to watch one of these shows, at least Bee doesn’t spend 5 minutes analysing EACH song. Either the contestant gets the lyrics right the first time, or they get buzzed and move on to the next song.