TNT cancels Southland

I can’t fucking believe it. It’s the best show they’ve ever produced, and arguably one of the best police procedurals created for TV. Gritty, well-acted, well-written. A terrible decision by the network. Article.

5 seasons is a good run, and 3 of the 4 main stars had filmed pilots for other series during the break.

But…but…I want; I neeeed.

So we’ll never know if Coop makes it.

Too bad. I loved that show.

He took three shots to the abdomen; when that happened, I thought it unlikely that they would renew. A person can survive that, but I think it would have been implausible for him to return as a street cop, and he was a key character for the show.


I am totally bummed on this:(

Since they knew the show was over, I think they just killed him off. Suicide by cop for a self-hating cop. Irony!

In other news, The Hour, another fine show, has been killed, as well as Boss. I thought Boss was very well done.