To CheekyMoney, my SDMB subscription benefactor!!!!

I am posting this thread as a special “thank you” to my friend CheekyMonkey!!

Cheeky referred me to this here site not long ago and I’ve greatly enjoyed lurking and posting on occasion. Today, after learning the site is going to “subscriptions” (I forget to look beyond my usual 5 sections sections of reading on this MB!) I sent Cheeky a lovely little e-mail entitled “Blame it on Canada”. What with Cheeky being from the Great White North and me living here in Florida, and the fact that she got me started here, it was only appropriate I tease her for getting me hooked! Well…to my amazement…after some good-natured ribbing, Cheeky & her soon-to-be-SO (a very special Aussie who is equally deserving of this thank you!) have kindly offered as a belated birthday gift to sponsor a one-year subscription to the beloved SDMB that I’ve become addicted to!! (Looks like I’ll be changing my sig line after this post…lol!)

So…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Cheeky & Phizer!! :smiley: I LOVE YOU BOTH!!

I hope some of the rest of you will get a sponsor too!


P.S. If you have any complaints about my future posts after subscriptions are required…please see CheekyMonkey to once again “Blame it on Canada”! LMAO!! :smiley: JK girl!! :wink:

I’ve GOT to start using that “preview” button!! I screwed up the thread title!! It’s CheekyMonkey! Not money - lol! I hope a “subscription” perk will be that I can EDIT for f-k sake! And I didn’t mean to say “section section” either. OY! :rolleyes: All the excitement got me flustered…lol! :smiley: And dammit - the sig line is HUGE too. (See Cheeky…that comment in your e-mail about forgiving my “blondeness” is haunting me and my posting abilities! (If I can’t blame Canada, maybe I’ll blame it on being blonde - don’t mention the carpet in here though! lol!)

Freudian slip, my friend! Or, in the words of Snoop Dogg:

“Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind”

Cheers to you and thanks for thanking me (how Canadian is that!?) We’re too polite, I swear. Use it in good health. Happy birthday, Sweety.

xoxo Cheeky
PS: Blaming Canada for your future problems will only grant you a thread in the BBQ Pit. You will be able to reply, thanks to your subsription. Remember that! LOL

“Blaming Canada for your future problems will only grant you a thread in the BBQ Pit. You will be able to reply, thanks to your subsription.”

Ahh too right! lol! Did I tell you enough today that I love you my friend! :wink: lol!

And CANADA ROCKS!! (My BF has a shirt that says that!! lol!)

What’s this about the Canadian Shield?:wink:

Am I too late to make fun of Canada?

Hey Yogi!!!

WE LOVE YOU TOO :slight_smile: