To everyone who is bent on my misery:

a collective fuck you, to start. You can not break me. And the arrogance to think you can makes me sick. Many talented people have tried before you. What in the hell makes you think you can succeed when so many others have failed?

Now, a point by point response.

To the drunken assholes who decided to shout “Let’s get her” and chase me halfway across campus last year:
Belated, but the deferred sentence you got was too lenient. If I didn’t sprint so damn fast when the adrenaline hit, what would you have done? Your words imply that I would have been a bloody mess on the pavement. And why? Because I objected to you throwing glass bottles at windows, and thought that calling the police would be a good idea. I don’t know for certain how stupid you are, but you’ve got to be pretty fucking intelligence-impaired to think that I wouldn’t call them again after you tried to assault me. You can rot.

To the virus-encrusted penguin-fucking backwater-badger-buggering slutastic syphilitic whoremonger who raped me:
I hope you burn. I’ll start believing in hell if it means you’ll go there. You have no business even interacting with others of my species (I will NOT demean the human race by designating you a member thereof). At least you learned from your parents’ mistake by using a condom. And how dare you tell me that you’re “sorry” and then try to buy my silence? My integrity is not for sale, asshole. And no one believes your little innocence sob story. There is no conceivable way that you can not notice that someone is sound asleep when you are having sex with them. About that email you sent around afterwards to everyone and their mother… you have no right whatsoever to bring up any disability I may or may not have to anyone. Nor does that excuse what you did, nor does it mean that I should have been fired instead of you (I don’t recall being the one charged with multiple felonies). Also, I’m very glad that you think you have the right to be bitter. No one else does. As for not wanting to go to jail, which you thought would be motivating enough for me not to call the police, I repeat: you should have thought of that earlier.

I have another question for you. Have you considered suing your brains for non-support?

To the impertinent flap-mouthed foot-licking bitch who claims that I “asked to be raped” by allowing a male into my room, concurrently claiming that this individual would “never do something like that”: ( :confused: )
Underneath your rude, inconsiderate, and overbearing exterior lies a total lack of character. You are a blood-thirsty moth-eaten psychopath. Anyone who told you to be yourself couldn’t have given you worse advice. You have alienated what few friends you had left by spreading this rumor, and I have made certain that everyone is aware that it came from you. I am at least glad that you have chosen to no longer speak to me. In response, I have an old Welsh saying for you. “Be silent as long as you like, never was there a feebler woman in her own wits than you have been.”

Wow. WowowowOW.
What can I even say? I’m so sorry for what you’ve gone through. You’re obviously a fighter and a survivor, and I’m happy that you’re still with us. Vent away. I think you’ve certainly earned it.
And fwiw, I agree completely with your rant, and am rather in awe of your wordsmithing.

Holy Shit! :mad: :eek: :mad:

Rapists are one of the lowest life form I know. Rapist Appologists are only slightly higher. Grind 'em down, knock 'em down, and then kick 'em while they’re on the floor. :mad:

Hang tough… The entire world ain’t full of assholes.

Rapists=Waste of skin.

Hang in there!!!

And I thought the assholes bent on my misery were bad. Jesus H Tapdancing Christ Banging the World Trade Center.

I’m one of the many people who has opened this thread several times and not posted to it because I simply don’t know what to say other than I’m so sorry for what you’ve gone through and I hope life starts being a lot kinder to you very soon.

I still don’t think those words are adequate, but when I opened the Pit this morning and saw the ratio of views to posts in this thread I realised that by not posting because I don’t have anything profound to say I become part of the problem which keeps people silent in the face of sexual assault.

Your OP shows far more courage than I displayed by not posting because I couldn’t think of the “right” thing to say, and I have no doubt that courage will make you one of the survivors of rape rather than one of its victims.

You have my very best wishes now and for the future.



Rage is much healthier than guilt in these circumstances. I’m glad you know that it wasn’t your fault, just the fault of the piles of purulent ordure.

You go girl!

A fellow survivor…

First, my thanks. I was looking to vent more than anything else, but I’m always glad for support. Tranquilis, I see the apology as making him even lower… he’s not sorry because it was wrong, he’s sorry because he’s afraid of prison. He’s demonstrated a thousand times over that this is all about him and how it affects him in his mind. Acknowledgement of me as a human being never even entered into it.

Secondly, I realized I left someone out (that’ll teach me to post then go away for the weekend).

To the pustulent waste of oxygen that spied on my friends in the shower:
I will not allow you to change my life. I refuse the fear that your actions have instilled in me. I will be more cautious in the future, but you will not have any power here. Further, you disgust me. I expect better from 12 year olds, and whatever punishment you receive will not be enough for the pain you have caused people I care about. My only regret is that I used all of my good insults for other people already.

If you’d like to read more about this, try about the showers, more about the showers, about the rape, and more about the rape.

I feel better now. Thanks, everyone, for listening. :slight_smile:

Not only are you strong (and from reading your post and the articles, I am convinced that you are) but you are also a master wordsmith. This line

is possibly one of the best insults I have ever heard!

All I can say is that I’m really sorry. My words can’t express my rage at the people who have done this stuff to you. First, that rapist is so vile and disgusting that he’s below the dignity of any insult I could give him.

And don’t believe any of the morons who told you any of it was at all your fault; it wasn’t. And I can tell from your intelligence and your strength that you have a bright future ahead of you.

So basically just hang in there.

It’s not your fault…I’m glad you know that.

I had an encounter in my early youth that I did not want, I clearly remember saying no, but I still, in some part of me, feel that “well, if I didn’t drink a few beers with him” and so on and so forth, that it would not have happened?

Nevermind, I am just babbling, but best of wishes to you.

Take care.:slight_smile:

You are braver than I was.

I am so disgusted with scum coming up with pathetic excuses for this kind of shit. They seem to think it’s not rape if he didn’t break into your house and hold a gun to your head as you screamed no the whole time. Otherwise it was “a misunderstanding.”

You said it, girl. They can all go to hell. To me it’s worse to be able to rationalize it.

And here I thought that I was the only person on the planet who slept through her rape. You go girl.

Now, I’ve never been raped and hope to God I don’t have to live through that terrifying experience, so my words may not mean as much. But anyone who tells you that it is your fault you got raped is obviously not thinking with any portion of their brain! It is definitely NOT your fault, and it’s good to see that you know it!

As for people sleeping through their rapes, I’m not doubting that it does happen; in fact, it must make it more frightening!

I agree with all the sentiments expressed in this thread: you do have a way with words, and those people who think they have the right to make you miserable as all get out are just plain obnoxious lowlifes who don’t deserve to live!

Hang in there!