To get the flu shot or not

Okay, I am sure this question has already been brought up but I am going to ask again.

So how many people have had the flu shot this year? I have an unreasonable fear of getting the shot. I have however gotten one every year ,except one, for the past 6 years or so. My problem is that I agonize over it each year. I have a fear of acquiring Guillian Barre syndrome. It seems in my reading that the possibility of getting this is very rare and can occur from the shot (rarely) or from the flu itself. So you see the catch 22 of my paranoia.

I guess what I am looking for is someone to calm the neurotic.


Back in New York - at least the part I’m from - the flu shot was only marketed towards the children and elderly or people otherwise abnormally susceptible to normal flu. Your everyday folk just didn’t get it. Nobody I know personally got the flu shot back home.

Down here in Texas, though, the frickin’ GROCERY STORE has the flu shot. Everybody gets it. Except me. I don’t see a need to. I’ve never died of the flu.

When it comes time for 'flu shot season here (March-April) – I’ll be right there with my arm bared. I did the shot one year, passed through without as much as a snuffle. I missed it the next year (my dance with depression, unemployment, and general couldn’t-care-less mode) … absolute disaster. “Death, where is thy sting?” again and again all season. The next year, I was back at the sharp end of that needle, and never regretted it.

If you’re not allergic to 'flu shots, and don’t get bad reactions – I’d recommend 'em heartily.

I’ve WISHED for a quick, merciful death when I’ve had the flu. Then there’s the fun of getting pnuemonia afterwards. I got my shot about a month or so ago. However, I’m a diabetic with heart and kidney failure, and breathing problems. I do NOT need any more medical complications.

We had a guy here a work pass out in the elevator after his flu shot. I think it was more a stress-related symptom than a bad reaction.

I don’t get it. I figure that those who are susceptible to respiratory disease need it more than I do. My day will come when I cross that bridge into Geezerhood.

I have never had a flu shot. I haven’t had the flu in years. I have had colds and stomach bugs, but not the flu. I probably wouldn’t spend the money to get a flu shot.

My god, a few of the times I’ve gotten the bad flu, I wished for death. I would have begged for it if anyone had listened.

They’re predicting a bad year for it this year. I’d go get it even if the needles were rusty.

I get mine every year… chronic kidney disease is bad enough… don’t need the flu.

My insurance covers it but even if I had to pay cash it is worth the $20 bucks the clinics charge.

I got the shot for the first time in my life about 2 hours ago. My work provides them for free.

Hmm…Guess the hamsters ate my post…

This is the first time I’ve ever gotten one. Texas seems to really push them! Back home in Kentucky they were more for elderly people. My work gave them for free. Our president even emailed asking everyone to take one.

Just got mine yesterday. I understand that it is also recommended for folks like me that live in dorms… I’m not sure if I would do it if I had a sanitary home to go back to every night, but I’m in contact with other people’s germs every moment of my day, and I KNOW some of them don’t wash their hands after the bathroom or sneezing.

My arm was a little sore, but I did two hours of bellydance immediately after I got the shot (minus the ten minutes they made me sit around to make sure I wasn’t going to have a reaction) and, although I rubbed my arm a little, it didn’t impede me at all.

The poke was not nearly as bad as I anticipated, I have gotten worse sticks from sewing accidents. The best part was that there was no pain from dispensing of the shot… usually the part I hate about shots is the flood of pain that comes when they inject the stuff, rather than the actual needle stick. No flood this time, just stick. I was so happy!

They’re giving them at work tomorrow – should I get one? I’m traveling to Asia this winter…

Well, I just spent all last week with the flu, so I would highly recommend a flu shot. The flu really sucked.

I have forgotten what the flu is like, I haven’t had it since I have been getting shots, even the year I took off for the shot. I imagine it is kind of like childbirth that way. It wasn’t until I was in labour the second time that I was wondering, " What the hell was I thinking when I decided to do this again?"

I have asthma that is under control but other than that I think I am a fairly healthy 30-something.

So the good news is I haven’t even heard a story yet of , I know someone who knew someone that new someone else who died and/or got seriously ill from the shot. Hopefully my insane fear will subside by the time it comes to receive the shot.

Thanks for all the input so far.

I get it every year- free at work. This office is full of girlies who scream and yell and cry about getting a shot, but it’s no big deal really. Better a 2 second shot than the flu!

I got it this year for the first time ever, just a week ago. As there are plenty of doses available in the US this year, there’s no good reason not to get one. It was a very narrow gauge needle, no stinging sensation at all, and I only had very minor soreness in my shoulder for a couple of hours afterwards, as the only reminder that I had had the shot.
I encouraged all employees to get one, too, at company’s cost.
I figure one moment of mild discomfort more than balances risking weeks of agony. Cost me $10.

Another chronically ill doper checking in… Flu shots are lovely. Flu is Hell on Earth.

Missed it 3 years ago - Got bad flu that went into pneumonia… that whole coughing up blood thing is for the birds. I’ll take the flu shot every time.

Never had a flu shot in my life, had flu…maybe twice. The onlly time I remember clearly was 8 years ago, although I may have had it as a kid.