To make the house colder in the summer...

…turn the thermostat UP… or turn the thermostat DOWN.

But wait, there’s more.

what if you say… “Turn the air conditioner up in here!”, are you wanting to make it colder or warmer?


Thermostat down since it’s a controler.
Air conditioner up, as in give it a higher setting like max cool full fan.

And what if the AC is in Australia?

Turn the thermostat up to get warmer, or down to get colder. The thermostat references the temperature.

OTOH, turn the AC up to get colder. Here you are increasing the amount of work the AC unit is doing, which cools the house faster.

Inversely, you would turn the furnace down (or off) to get colder, reducing the amount of work it is doing.

It is cold in here, now that you mention it. Hmm.

Hey! Leave that thermostat alone! It just got comfortable in here. Put a sweater on if yer cold. SHEESH!

And stop flipping that unmarked lightswitch on and off! My friend in Brasil just called; it’s upsetting her dogs something horrid!

Also, decide what you want before you open the fridge door and just stand there for ten minutes! Electricity don’t grow on trees ya know!

Don’t judge me!

I do what I want!

runs away, but not before flinging the fridge and freezer doors open and cranking the knob to “11”

You don’t know me!

Young man! Don’t you leave this house without a properly pressed and starched shirt. DO YOU HEAR ME!

Stops and looks back. Rolls around on the lawn, making sure to crinkle with extreme prejudice

It’s the middle of winter, so turn the air conditioner off.

I want a picture of that.

Hm. Lemme work on it.
Gotta see if there’s a dirty button down shirt laying around that can get harshly crinkled.

…then I’ve gotta explain it to the female birth giver.
…You don’t know me!

What the HECK? My incredibly well thought out and enlightening thread has been hijacked!!!

How dare you sully the importance of my crown jewel thread such the likes has never been seen!!!

And IN OR OUT!!! Choose one! I’m not made of money!!!

He did it!

points at swampy

Turn it upside down after flipping the fan blade so it sucks instead of blows.

I turn the AC on, never up. Then I turn the thermostat down to decrease the temperature. I might actually turn it up if it gets too cold, but the AC is still just on.

Dammit! I said leave that thermostat alone! Put on a sweater if you’re cold! If you’re too hot, then, ummm… take that sweater off! It’s summer. What kind of fool wears a sweater in the summer!

What does it grow on then?