turn the AC up!

for cooler temps, does one ask for the AC to be turned up or down?


But you’ll get a better result by saying It’s roasting in here! Do something with the AC!

I’d say you turn the AC up in order to get the temperature down, does that make any sense ??


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This is a question I’m glad my wife and I worked out.

She once asked me to go downstairs and turn the AC down. I was cold, but knowing that she and I don’t always feel the same, I asked for clarification. She agreed that there was some ambiguity, so she restated “turn the AC colder.” She still says colder/warmer.

I wonder if this has anything to do with where you are from…
I say “Turn the AC down” when I am too cold. And “Turn the heat up” when I am too cold.
Something I have never once thought of. Hee hee hee

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Most of the people I know in Florida would say ‘Turn the Ac up, it’s freezing in here.’

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It’s turn the AC up, turn the thermostat down.

Likewise, if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it…

Yes, it makes a sound. (sound waves occur)

No, it does not make a noise. (“noise” is the perception of sound)

Correction: hearing is the perception of sound; noise is sound percieved.

No, hearing is the arraignment. Arrest is when you’re taken into custody.

I vote with whoever said “turn the A/C up, turn the thermostat down”.

We don’t use much A/C here in Seattle. Ask me about bumbershoots.

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I’m voting for the bipolar “turn the (applicance) up/down”, in which we really mean to increase or decrease the fan speed, rheostat setting, or valve opening, thusly:

To turn the AC up will decrease the temperature.
To turn the heat up will increase the temperature.

In most heating and cooling applications, the media we’re using to change our average atmospheric temperature is always the same temperature, it’s how much of it we’re using that makes the difference. In radiative heaters, I’ll have to concede an exception.

I grew up thinking air conditioning, especially in cars, was a luxury of the weak. Roll down the window and turn up the Springsteen, that’s my method.

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Nice wordplay.
Thanks for agreeing with me.
Bumbershoot is so much more fun than umbrella.
Great sig line, too.