To my American friends

I popped in to say:

Posted this four years ago; thought I’d do it again.

Thanks. Just in case we fuck it up again, what’s your immigration policy?

That line about “you’re infectious” comes across a bit differently now.

But thanks, all! I hope you still think so day after tomorrow.

It CAN be done! :grinning:

I wish I could say with confidence that your election going the wrong way won’t affect us here in Australia but I can’t. So I’m not sure how much immigration will help you.

Another voice from Australia hoping - for the world’s sake - that Americans vote out Trump. Given his approach to COVID and our closed borders to unsafe countries, if he wins, we mightn’t be seeing any of you for years. And we like (most) Americans! You are voting for all of us.

I’m relying on the US to start to reverse this (global) cascade towards far right extremism and in-country deep division. We’ve got it in the UK and I’d like to hope the election of Biden would upset Johnson’s apple cart.

Please go out and vote!