To peep, or not to peep

Let’s say you’re sitting on your balcony, patio or at your window, late at night and there across the way is a (wo)man walking around naked.

What would you do?

a) Avert your eyes
b) Watch and enjoy
c) Get the binoculars
d) Something else

And if you watched would you feel bad?

A long time ago I was c but now I’m b and I’ve never felt particularly bad.

If it’s a man, it depends. I might watch & enjoy. Or I might want to barf. Or I might get the binocs. Or I might yell out, “Nice bod!” If I watched I’d feel pretty good.

Does she know she can be seen without difficulty?

ASsume the thought has not crossed the nude person’s mind. Say they stepped out of the shower and have become engrossed in an interesting TV show.

Not that it should make all that much of a difference since the peeper cannot see into the naked person’s mind. But also assume there is no way that they would ever see you.

Well… I’ve been arrested for this.

I would have to avert my eyes to get the binoculars so I could watch and enjoy while doing “something else”.

Hubba woo hotcha cha!

I used to get sent out to Waikiki on business once in a while. From the lanai of my hotel room, there were several apartment buildings visible. I was amazed at the number of people who walked around naked, exercised naked, and did other pretty exhibitionistic activities with the drapes open. One of them even had a telescope set up in his living room (and it wasn’t pointed to the sky IYKWIM). I tried not to look, but it was difficult when there’s this naked guy standing in the window of a brightly lit room at night.

Weird, I live in Waikiki and that’s what brought this on. All those tourists walking around in the hotel across the way. What’s amazing is that in the 15 years I’ve been staying here I’ve only seen 1 sexual act. Clearly nudity does not lead to sex.

Maybe you saw me naked. I will occasionally go to the kitchen naked on the assumption that even if somebody was watching they wouldn’t see much from so far away.

I would get the binoculars and a megaphone so that I might instruct her as to the poses that please me the most.

I’d also get my smoking jacket and a pipe.