To the bastard

To the bastard whose car horn tripped in the cold last night in the parking lot behind my house just when I was drifting off to sleep and didn’t bother getting up to see if it was your car and go outdoors and try to do something about it and just listened to the damn thing whine until your battery drained I hope you had a good sleep and a nice trip into work this morning and the next time it happens I hope someone warms your car up for you with a can of gasoline and a book of matches.

Aw, don’t blame that guy.

He couldn’t have heard the his alarm very well after I garroted him and threw him through the front window onto his faux cherry dash.

So it’s not his fault.

And don’t blame me, either. If I’d known he had an alarm, I would’ve stuffed him underneath instead.

And hey, I don’t know much about alarms anyway.

My bad.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Shame on you Mullinator!!

Are you two still followin’ each other around in here? A course, Mully’s so tall he makes a good guidepost.

To the the bastard that stole all the commas and periods from the OP you can have mine too if you need them that bad so please take em all and I hope you enjoy playing with them and dont use them all in one place and save some for a rainy day because you never know when you may need them

Damn it seems Ive lost all my apostrophes too

Yeah Uncle, I can safely say that no one has ever lost track of me in a crowd. But those high speed ceiling fans…oh the pain.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Ummm, I was gonna reply to Uncle Beer, but then I’d be following Mullinator again… oops!

Hey, who can think about punctuation after listening to a car horn all nigh?? Here in my part of Texas we have a cure for those kind of mechanical problems…

Maybe we should see just how many conjunctions we can post in one thread while still maintaining a minimum level of lucidity.

Sound like fun?

Wow, Unclebeer and I keep making a Lauralee sandwich.

Feel free to comment on that idea.

Oh dear. I seem to be in the middle of everything…

At least you have the consellation of knowing that his horn drained his battery down and his car probably wouldn’t start this morning so he was late for work.

“Do or do not, there is no try” - Yoda

Dammit, I’m late. But at least we got fuzzy-wuzzy to keep us warm.

Depends on where you stick the fuzzy-wuzzy.

Next time that happens go out and stick a sprinkler on the roof of his car. Then you can go back to sleep warmed by the thought that in the morning his car will be one HUGE block of ice.
– Sylence

I don’t have an evil side. Just a really, really apathetic one.

I would have, if the garden hose wasn’t imbedded in two inches of depth and 60 feet of length of solid ice.

Then Sylence and labradorian get in my way… Sheesh, you’d think this thread wasn’t about us or something.

Damnit people. Uncle and I are trying our darnedest to keep LauraLee in a sandwich of love and you keep referring back to the OP. That is horrible board etiquette.

Isn’t Lauralee a Pounder? Wow, you guys on the Corruption Squad work fast!

Just make sure you carded her first.

Livin’ on Tums, vitamin E and Rogaine

Dammit, manny. Outta my way. I got souls to stain here.

That it is unwise to be heedless ourselves while we are giving advice to others, I will show in a few lines.
– Phædrus –

More punctuation for Uncle Beer! More punctuation for… Oh, the new commas have already arrived? You’ll have no need of mine then - as you were.

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