To the Bitch Brigade

To the Bitch Brigade currently starring Ultress

I’m not quite sure why you don’t like me but you don’t. I have some conjecture, but I suppose there’s no pinning it down. Most of your dislike seems to be centered upon my alleged vapidness and attention-seeking. You seem to believe that I should be more serious and less shallow on the boards. I see the boards as someplace I can give an outlet to my crazy, bisexual, exhibitionist, cat loving side with some serious discussions about the law and some medical issues. You feel comfortable deriding my choice of topics and point of view whenever possible. You think I’m too prideful of my appearance and my job and too critical of other people. What true hypocrisy.

It doesn’t speak to well of you when you all hop into one of my threads or jump down my throat for almost no cause at all. Disagree with me all you want, but it isn’t your board and you all don’t have to show up to make smart remarks. It has been my experience that people on the SDMB are very accepting people. Somebody’s quirks and kinks are usually tolerated as long as they aren’t completely hateful. However, mine have been deemed bad by you and your ilk. Fine, your point has been made ad nauseum.

Or perhaps it’s a way to figure out how to get rid of me since it’s your very own StraightDope. See below for details

from Ultress’ LJ linked to SDMB

and from the Holstein thread

Thank you arbiter of who thinks what. I suppose you’re really just speaking for your friends as you couldn’t possibly be speaking for the whole board, could you? Was I trying to impress any of you? Maybe a bit as that’s part of what this board is for, but if I truly wanted to do so I suppose I could post my most recently granted MSJ or perhaps my partnership track.

And most recently, which I suspect caused you to poke your head into the thread I started, you said this:

from Ultress’ LJ linked to SDMB

OK, again thanks, you don’t respect me. Great. Point made. But again, do you presume to speak for the entire board? Your grudge is clear and your belief in your importance on this board is equally clear.

It’s clear y’all have a grudge. But it seems like one of those (God, you knew it was coming) cliquey type deals that the popular people due to the unpopular kids in high school. It truly comes across as such. Maybe y’all were on the other end in high school and you’re pissed as hell that someone dare talk about and show that they are good looking and smart on your board. If I were truly not attractive you’d support me 100% for my good self-esteem, but because I actually am, I should be beaten down. That’s ridiculous, everyone should get some ‘Hooray Me’ time. I just happen to like getting some of it on this board.

I’m not trying to change your opinion of me ‘cause Lord knows that won’t happen, but, in closing, all I ask is that unless you have some dire burning disagreement with me on one of my threads stay the heck out of them otherwise you are posting out of just general bitchiness, not due to a true disagreement and it shows.

The straightdope is for everyone, not just who you think is fun, nice or has a valid opinion.

Good Word woman, lighten up.

It’s shit like this that make people hate other people on message boards.

You don’t like me and your stalking me.

Yeah, that’s mature given your responses in the other thread.

Guess I am now a member for telling you to lighten up.

< rollying eyes >

You look like I did a couple of years ago because I couldn’t take critisizm. Trust me, you would have been better to open up a Live Journal and pout in there. If you need a code, email me and I will get you one.

The bitches have formed a brigade? I am always the last to know.

Wow, classy move there to go and read ultress’s lj and post it here. Email not working?

Completely sidestepping the incredibly important and fascinating argument over who is the bitch and who isn’t, may I make two suggestions ?

  1. Include a link to the SD thread, so that people can see the posts you’re complaining about in context, rather than just the snippet you chose to select.

  2. Leave LJ posts to LJ.

Wow, you just made yourself out to be the biggest uber-bitch I’ve ever seen on these boards. Nice job. You make Kaykay look normal.


Has it occurred to you that the “Bitch Brigade” isn’t just out to get you, but has legitimate gripes about your snotty and derisive generalizations about people you consider low-class in that Holstein thread?

You know…there’s a possibility that they’re not just out to get you, you just happen to be acting like a twat and they called you on it. Get over yourself.

Prima Her LJ is linked to the SDMB on LJ. Hard not to read especially as it appears to be a branch of Straight Dope.

Half a thread half a thread half a thread onward!
Into BottledBlondeJeannie’s thread Ultress thundered!

When can her glory fade?
O the wild charge Ultress made!
All the SDMB wondered,
Honor the charge she made!
Honor the Bitch Brigade,
Noble BBJ blundered!

Yep, your LJ is your LJ until you link it to the SDMB. I mentioned before that I though it rude to bitch about other members of this community in your LJ if it’s linked to the SDMB community.

And pray tell, why am I being a bitch? These are the same people who came down on me for mentioning that another member should stop being so shallow and posting everything that came across her mind, but it’s ok for them to mandate what I can post about.

One would think mentioning that there was a bunch of whitetrash somewhere was akin to using a racial slur. It’s not.

It may appear that way, but it’s not actually the case … usual thing about separate entities not actually affiliated with the Straight Dope or the SDMB applies. BottledBlondJeanie, I have absolutely nothing against you, but I don’t think dragging an LJ issue into here is really the done thing … it’s not as if we’re exactly short on home-grown arguments, after all. Email would be the way to go … alternatively, take the high road, and ignore the issue entirely. IMHO, YMMV, and all that.

And I screwed up…one of those quotes is from another LJ linked to the SDMB community. And it’s one that specifically mentioned me. It was made, I believe, several weeks ago and I have not made a peeop about it until now.

Maybe y’all were on the other end in high school and you’re pissed as hell that someone dare talk about and show that they are good looking and smart on your board. If I were truly not attractive you’d support me 100% for my good self-esteem, but because I actually am, I should be beaten down.

Well I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I do believe that was an insult. Either that or a contorted version of “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”.

So anyone who doesn’t heap flowers at BBJ’s feet must be an ugly person acting out because they were tortured by all the beautiful, popular people in high school and have now banded together as the The Bitch Brigade with the single-handed purpose of destroying BBJ’s self esteem?

Good lord get a grip on yourself woman. People are not following you around, we are all in the same threads because we have similar interests. A lot of the “ugly” people whom you think have some vendetta against you are actually very attractive people who couldn’t care less about you.

And reading someone’s LJ and crossposting snippets of it here on SDMB without her permission is pretty close to white trash behavior in my book. Not that you asked.

Your thoughts on the matter are irrelevant - the Administrators and Moderators have already made this call, long before you ever came on board. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a warning for it.


As others have said, LJ has nothing to do with the boards, “Straight Dope Community” or not. And dragging it here makes you look like a bitch, not ultress. And since ultress’ other comment was made in a pit thread you started, why the hell is is necessary to open yet another pit thread to address her comment?

Since starting threads about bitching about what SDMB members do other places on line is verboten, I think this thread is going to be closed pretty quickly.

And since when is one person a brigade?

Also, it’s customary to include links. This is a pretty active board, so don’t assume people know what the hell you’re talking about without them.

I think it’s been mentioned a couple of times that LJ business should stay off the boards. Doesn’t matter if the LJ in question is a member of the SDMB LJ community or not. It’s still her LJ and if you had a complaint, you should’ve taken it to email or LJ.

Esprix, hey be nice you! But I’m pretty sure there’s a rule re fights on other boards brought here, but that was a comment linked to SDMB about stuff here.

And here this same problem was mentioned but apparently ultress didn’t give a shit and the mods did not weigh-in.

For those of you not familiary with LJ, there’s a community called SDMB on it. Everyone who is a ‘friend’ of lj has their journal posted to it

Hmm. I count… eight LJ users right here in this thread. We’re pretty clear on what the SDMB journal is for. Doesn’t mean it’s affiliated with this message board.

BBJ, whatever happens on other websites and message boards on the 'Net is just that, and shouldn’t spill over to the SDMB. I don’t care if someone created an SD community over on LiveJournal (I don’t even know if I’m phrasing it correctly, I’m rather unfamiliar with the phenomenon), it’s not part of the Straight Dope website, or its message boards. Bringing it over is not allowed.

As for your beef with ultress in the SDMB thread you referred to: just duke it out with her there. This thread is closed. Don’t drag external fights onto the SDMB again.